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January is often a time of year that many people place some focus on their fitness levels. However, with the weather not being so good, it is understandable that it can be quite disheartening to encourage the whole family to still be active. I get it. But we all know that it is important for children as well as adults to take an active approach to life as it can help with any weight issues and lower your BMI. So I thought I would share with you five ways to encourage your family to be more active.

Our backyards are designed to be personal oases. We may be tempted to pour a fortune into making our backyard look like an English garden, civic playground or entertaining area good enough for a resort. However, you don’t have to go that far to make your backyard a more attractive, relaxing place. Here are four additions that will improve any backyard.


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Diagnosing a speech impediment in a child, especially when they’re of an early age, can be a challenge. During their early formative years, it’s easy to mistake what could be a clear sign of a speech impediment as simply a normal part of their speech development. However, there are some clear signs that parents could look for that could indicate your child may be indeed suffering from a speech disorder. Here are some of these signs:


Pregnancy is both a wonderful time and a horrible time. You go through a lot of stress, and it’s natural to slip into some unhealthy habits. Everyone’s guilty of this while they’re pregnant, and to be honest, you’ve got a good excuse! However, when you carry these unhealthy habits after pregnancy, that’s when you have problems!

So, here are a few of the unhealthy habits we’re all guilty of, and how to get out of them after you’ve given birth.


Be honest – how many times have you listened to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” this November? If the answer is “more than I can count”, then it’s definitely time to start the preparations for the best Christmas dinner party of this year. We, Xmas lovers, have patiently waited and waited and waited for this period of the year to come, and finally, here it is. So, if you see yourself as a Christmas elf, take a look at these tips and start with the organisation of the Christmas dinner party many will remember forever.


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Having a family to call your own is in itself a blessing. There’s a warm comfort knowing that when you go home every day you have a loving husband that cares for you and beautiful children that make your life feel complete.

But what about a healthy balance? Life can’t always be all about family. Deep inside there are still your wants, needs, desires, and aspirations. You may be taking care of all your family’s nutritional needs but are you taking care of yours? Do you make the time to meditate or exercise? One needs a balanced life even with family because you need to enjoy things outside the family structure too.


Spending a few hours every weekend at the supermarket, shopping for ingredients and food for the rest of the week has been a common activity for decades. It wasn’t until the recent few years that people have become to get comfortable with online shopping, specifically online grocery shopping. There have been companies such as Instacart for example, where you can select items from a grocery/supermarket store that you typically shop at, online, and then someone will go, pick up those items for you and deliver them right to your door.

Amazon didn’t turn a blind eye to the idea that there is a growing trend of people doing their grocery shopping online. Between 2013-2014, Amazon began introducing “AmazonFresh” to major cities and has been aggressively growing their reach since then. Earlier this year, during the summer, Amazon made the announcement that they are purchasing WholeFoods for $13.7 billion dollars!  It’s been a few months since the purchase has been announced, but items that you would typically find in WholeFoods have begun to appear within AmazonFresh – and at a remarkable discount!


Cakes are one of the loveliest dessert items one can have. Seeing a yummy cake, even the health freaks also forget their diet. Made out of milk, butter, sugar, cream, flour, and flavors, cakes, of course, add some few extra calories but for such a tasty thing, on wouldn’t mind gaining a few kilos here and there. This is one option of dessert which can be molded as per your needs. For example, if your teenage daughter is very strict on her diet, you can carry the low-calorie cake for a teenage girl and impress her. If your mom is a pure vegan, the egg-less cake for her would be the best choice.  

Now, let’s take a look at some of the occasions when you just cannot avoid eating a lovely cake.

Mother’s Day:
Mom is definitely the most special person in your life. She has shaped you and worked really hard on you to make you a successful person in life. She has also baked the tastiest cakes for all your birthdays and whenever you have demanded. On the upcoming Mother’s Day, when the whole world pays a tribute to all the moms, a gorgeous cake for her like a Designer Tier Cake, Red Velvet Cake, or an Italian Almond Cake must be brought to celebrate her day.


I’m sure as a parent you have experienced that nightmare situation where you are cooking a big meal for the entire family, but there are some folks that can't eat nuts, some that are vegan and others that are on a low sugar diet. Not only can this be pretty stressful, but also increases the effort and time you need to devote to food preparation. But what can you do when an issue like this occurs? Read on to find out?


First of all, when dealing with allergies, you have to be super careful. This is because they are not just a matter of preference but a recognized medical condition that can make the person without ill if they do consume a particular type of food.


Did you know that green grapes are the ones commonly used for raisins?
Who doesn’t love raisins? These sweet and juicy treats can make everything better, whether embedded in creamy loaves of bread or eaten on their own.  But did you know that raisins were actually discovered by accident?  History reveals that the first raisins were discovered back in 2000 BC when grapes were accidentaly left to dry in the sun. Ever since then, early civilizations have popularized the use of grapes in its dried form.

Nowadays, raisins are something that are enjoyed by everyone. Especially for people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, raisins are good sources of nutrients while also being delicious and filling. But there is more to this food than what we think. For example, did you know that the most commonly used grapes for raisins are the Thompson Green Grapes?

Moreover, these dried, sweet bits are also rich in electrolytes, particularly potassium which helps counter hypertension.

About Thompson Grapes
 All dark brown raisins are specifically made from this variety, because they are softer and sweeter than other grapes. Though they are popularly used as raisins, Thompson grapes can also be used as a normal table grape because of their sweetness, firmness, and crispness when fresh.

Contrary to popular belief that most raisins are made from red grapes, Thompson grapes ranks as the most popular variety in the U.S and in North America where it accounts to 95 percent of grapes produced in the continent.

 Thompson Grapes: The benefits
Thompson grapes are very high in carbohydrates and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Crunchy and rich in vitamins K and C when fresh, this variety is also rich in resveratrol that helps provide antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients when dried.

 The health benefits of raisins, especially for people who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, make them a perfect addition to the diet of health-conscious people. It’s no wonder that raisins made from Thompson Grapes quickly grew in popularity amongst creative food enthusiasts. Many use raisins as ingredients for desserts, even as add-ons to breakfast cereals and other treats. The best pairing so far are raisins on bread. When used together with healthy food like wheat bread, you get a meal that checks all the factors any health buff would have on his or her checklist.

The vitamins in Thompson grapes help boost the immune system and improve the body’s blood clotting mechanism. When turned into raisins, resveratrol can assist in reducing the risk of stroke and in strengthening blood vessels. Studies also suggest that resveratrol helps the body get protective action against Alzheimer’s disease, coronary heart disease, and even forms of cancer like melanoma, prostate, and colon cancer.

 Living healthy can be easy, especially if you know the right foods to include in your diet. Gardenia’s High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf makes it easy by turning to an eating habit that can help your overall health.

Adding raisins on wheat bread adds just the right amount of flavour to make deliciously healthy bread. That is precisely what Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf provides: all the health benefits of raisins made from Thompson Grapes, and the fiber goodness of all-natural cracked wheat. One slice of this variety gives you 29 percent of your daily dietary fiber needs, and helps improve digestive health by improving bowel movement. Moreover, soluble fiber also aids in lowering levels of “bad” cholesterol by moving them out of the body before they’re absorbed which helps, of course to reduce weight around the abdomen.  
With all the activities he goes through everyday, Baste always looks forward to a big and hearty merienda. After his daily noontime show, Eat Bulaga, he spends time studying, having fun with his friends, and playing outdoors. That’s why when he gets home, he’s hungry and looks forward to the merienda that Mommy Sheila prepares. Usually, it’s a super-sized sandwich made with NeuBake bread.


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Everyone loves cake. With so many varieties, flavors, and garnishes, it’s easy to see why cake appeals to so many people. And, when a special event rolls around, like a birthday or a wedding, a cake will be on your list of priorities. But, this leaves a lot of people in a tight spot. Should you bake the cake yourself or leave it someone else’s hands? To help you to make this decision, this post will be going through three of your best cake sources. And, alongside this, it will also help you to find the most affordable options for each source.

A lot of people love to bake. And, so, this could be enough to force your hand when it comes to making this decision. Of course, along with joy, making your own cakes also gives you a lot of flexibility. You can try new things to make the cake better. Or, you could make it entirely unique, if you wanted to. But, most people aren’t seasoned bakers. And, this can make the whole experience a lot harder than it has to be. Assuming that you’ll be able to produce something as good as a store or a professional when you don’t bake very often will be a mistake. Master bakers spend years learning their skills. So, a simple recipe may not be enough.


“We did a study and found out that during that time, walang casual dining burger joint. So, I filled the gap sa market, yung need sa market na I think may potential mag scale up. Hindi naman ako nagkamali. Sinimulan ko yung Zark’s.”, Zark recalls.

The young entrepreneur, Rolandrei Viktor “Zark” Varona, found the middle ground in offering hamburgers that truly satisfy even the most gargantuan appetites, yet at prices that do not break the bank.


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Are you someone who needs a cup of coffee to help you through the day? Do you love nothing more than a trip to Starbucks for your favorite flavored latte? If so, the good news is that there are plenty of reasons why you should drink coffee! Read on to discover the many benefits associated with everyone’s favorite mom’s most loved drink.


Winter is not a good season for food.

Well, it is in some respects - who can resist a glass of Eggnog at Christmas, or indulging in some cinnamon buns fresh from the oven? Not to mention all the chocolate and candy canes that go along with the season! It’s an endless source of deliciousness.

Of course, that can be the problem. We tend to gain weight over winter, meaning that by the time the idea of summer outfits roll around, we feel woefully underprepared. Not only does the extra weight damage our self esteem about how we look; it also has an impact on our health. You might feel more sluggish, be having a few skin concerns, or struggling with more headaches than usual.


Friends, family, neighbors and in some cases, complete strangers will offer you advice when you are pregnant. But there are many myths and old wives’ tales that persists, many of which revolve around what you can and cannot eat.
HARTMANN Direct have rounded up all the latest advice and suggestions 

but always check with your doctor, midwife or health visitor if you are unsure.


One thing that all parents can agree on is that encouraging your kids to eat healthily is a mission which can take a lot of time and practice. However, as long as you are including certain foods in their daily diet, you should find that they are much healthier than they would be otherwise. The fact is, encouraging a healthy diet is relatively easy as long as you just focus on a few of the most important types of food first and foremost - and worry about the rest another time. If you are simply looking for a way to bring more healthy food into your family’s diet, then take a look at the following for now.


You might look at your friends, or at other moms on Instagram and wonder how on earth they have the time to do it all. Getting the kids organized, keeping a perfectly pristine home and the big one: cooking amazing home-cooked meals. When you have a million different things to do every day, cooking can often be the very last thing on your mind. Even on the rare occasions when you have a night off from the kids, it's pretty likely that you and your husband would rather go out for dinner than have to cook something from scratch. There is a huge fear of home cooking that has been instilled in many of us - perhaps born from a couple of less than successful meals and the accessibility of takeout and convenience food. But making culinary creations with your bare hands doesn't need to be intimidating - anyone can do it if they know how.

January is in full swing, and it is notoriously known for being the most popular time of year where people consider changing their lifestyles and becoming more healthy. Whether that has much to do with the new year resolutions thing, or perhaps people have overindulged during the festive season, it now seems to be the time where people shift their mindset to think more about their lifestyle choices.

It’s understandable why January appears to be the perfect month to set yourself goals and make changes, it enables you to be more accountable having wiped the slate clean for a fresh new year and motivation. But being healthy is a lifestyle, and takes commitment. So if you want to commit to being fit and get more healthy then here are some of the tips and tricks to help you along with your journey.