Why is Reading so Important for Children?


Reading is a vital part of a child’s development in literacy, as well as helping children find a love for picking up that new book. From the moment you enter nursery school and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, you’ll be immersed into the world of fictional stories and unique creations.


Here in this guide we explore why reading is integral for a child’s development.

It’s a basic building block for learning

In daily life we read to help us understand a project, a rule or what’s been asked of us in school. Picking up those different words and phrases to put together into sentences will help us learn to speak, write and be able to listen to others - all integral skills to help us go through life.

It strengthens a child’s memory

Reading continuously will help your child learn how to remember things and remind themselves of what they’ve learnt. It also helps your child build brain connections, create new ones and talk to others about what they’ve learnt about through the stories they read.

It helps children develop their vocabulary

We’ve touched upon the amount of words and phrases we pick up from reading, but it will have the chance to expand your child’s vocabulary even further. Children get to explore synonyms of words and how they can be applied to different contexts.

It helps children learn about the world

Oftentimes children are restricted to the four walls they live in. With a book they have the chance to read about a variety of cultures, both fictional and based on real life, with the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

It helps children find the fun in reading

Picking up different stories, learning about characters and their individual struggles will help your child fall in love with reading. It also gives your child the opportunity to find what genres they like reading about and how they make them feel.

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