5 Screen Free Activities for Children


There are heaps of screen free activities you can try out with your child. Not everything has to rely on using a screen to keep your kids entertained, which is why you should always keep a bank of activities ready for those moments. We explore 5 screen free activities as recommended by this prep school in Hertfordshire.

1. A child’s first chores

There are a host of age-appropriate chores for children to explore. They could help you wash your car (even the small efforts they make!) or help you sort through dirty clothes ready to go in the washing machine. Every little helps.

2. Go for a bike ride

Get the bikes out and go for a ride out in the countryside or in your local area with your child. They may know a route already, or you can show them a new area that’s near the home to help them discover somewhere new.

3. Head to the lake and feed the ducks

While feeding ducks bread isn’t recommended, we recommend rice, cracked corn, lettuce or sliced grapes. Get a little bag together and get your child involved in that part of the process. Then head down to the lake and see how many ducks your child can count.

4. Spend a day tidying up

It may not look like the most glamorous of activities, but if you have a notoriously messy child it might be a good learning activity for them. Cleaning up the room will give your child their first taste of learning how to clean up after themselves.

5. Bring the paints out

Painting is always a good shout when it comes to your child’s creativity and keeping them stimulated. You could also make it an event by heading to an art shop and picking out paints to try out.


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