Secure Gold Storage: What Are My Options?

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We all know that gold is the very foundation of our wealth system. Much like other natural elements, gold production around the world is slowing, which causes prices to rise. If you are thinking of taking your wealth out of stocks and into gold bullion, the question of secure storage arises.


Here is our list of safe ways to store gold in any form.


  •   Vault - Wherever you live in the world, you can find a security company that offers safety deposit box rental and the best place to buy gold isn’t far from such an establishment. The only downside with this is you are restricted to banking hours and the system works by the client producing their key and the vault official has the other; he or she opens the box and leaves you to do your business and when you are ready to return the box to its drawer, the official double locks and escorts you out of the vault room. In the highly unlikely event, the facility burned down and your gold disappeared, you would receive compensation. If there was a heist and your gold was part of the haul, the security company would compensate you with the current value of the asset.


  •   Concealed Safe - The master bedroom would be the best place to install a concealed safe, which would not often be found by an intruder; just make sure that you have the combination written down somewhere safe and mention the safe’s whereabouts in your will, just in case of a sudden departure. There are, of course, many places where you could hide the safe; behind a painting, under the carpet, or in the wall. Talk to a safe supplier and they will help you choose the right unit and location. You might prefer the safe to be installed in your study, or any other room for that matter, while you should limit the number of people who know of the safe’s existence, for obvious reasons.


  •   Bank Safety Deposit Box - This is probably the most popular storage location after buying Brisbane gold bars for sale. You are likely to find this service in other places around the world as well, most likely close to the area where you got your gold from. The boxes come in a range of sizes and, like the vault, an official has to be with you to open the box (dual locking system). When you rent the box, the officer will give you a list of do’s and don’ts regarding the rental and access can only be given during bank opening hours. Check out your bank’s website and you will find information about safe deposit boxes, including the terms and condition of the rental agreement, which you should read.

Image Source: Unsplash


Of course, there are a lot of other places you could stash your gold, yet the above are regarded as the safest and with such a valuable commodity, there’s no point in taking any chances. When buying gold bullion, always insist on taking physical possession of the gold at the time of purchase and resist the urge to stash the gold under your bed or in a hole in the garden, as these are not safe places.

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