Craziest beauty trends

Despite what people may say, beauty does not have to be pain, but sometimes it is pretty weird! Innovation means that things are always changing, and sometimes we land on an idea that might sound pretty bizarre, but is based on science and produces the results.


Vampire facial

Popular with Kim Kardashian West, the vampire facial is officially called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and involves using enzyme-rich platelets from the patient’s own blood on the face to promote healing and rejuvenation. This creates skin that looks more supple, firmer, and younger, and as the collagen takes around 30 days to regenerate, the results of this unique facial just keep getting better.



It was impossible to choose one crazy brow trend, as they seem to change every few months with weirder and more extreme takes on the humble eyebrow. We’ve had strangely-shaped wiggly brows, bauble-adorned festive brows, bird-like feathered brows, the unusual but cool fishtail brows, and the absolutely terrible halo brows. There are certainly some styles that we are going to look back on in 10 years and cringe!


Nose-hair extensions

Nose-hair extensions are definitely one of the stranger beauty trends in recent years. Whereas most of us will pay little mind to our nose hair, and some people will occasionally trim it, there are some who like to draw attention to their nostrils and put fake hair in to make them look extra hairy!


Glitter roots

This is a really cool look, especially for parties or festivals. You simply apply glitter to the roots of your hair - a perfect way of covering up that post lockdown hair growth. Glitter roots look incredibly cute with a straight parting, and your hair pulled into pigtails or space buns. This is ideal for festivals when you might not get to wash your hair for a few days, but you still want to look fun.


Snail facial

Popular in Japan and Korea, the snail facial is exactly what it sounds like - you lay with a snail on your face for around an hour and let it have free reign, crawling around. Snail mucus is said to have lots of excellent properties, including antioxidants and protein. The snails moisturize the skin and remove dead skin, which leaves your skin glowy and fresh.


Fire facial

This is certainly not one to try at home! Fire facials are popular in Chinese salons and literally consist of an alcohol-soaked towel applied to the client’s face and then set on fire until it becomes too hot, then it’s extinguished. The idea is that it regenerates cells, treats wrinkles, and even burns fat, but is it worth the risk?


Most ideas in history probably seemed odd at the time, but many have developed to being part of our everyday regimes, so it is always good to keep an open mind when it comes to developments in the beauty world, as it just might be the next big thing!

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