How Do You Determine If You Are In Need Of A Boiler Repair?

Many of us fail to realize just how important boilers are in our daily lives. Because of boilers, we have access to seemingly trivial things such as central heating and hot water. And because we don’t realize just how essential boilers are, we also don’t realize that there is a problem with our boiler units before it is too late. 

Here’s the thing. Boiler problems are often expensive and are always very risky when left unaddressed. It could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or worse, massive explosions. And so, having your boilers regularly checked and maintained is extremely vital. However, sometimes, unforeseen problems occur. To prevent such problems or accidents from occurring, it is important for those with boilers in their homes to be on the lookout for signs that their boilers may be in need of repairs in the near future. Here are some signs you must look out for in order to determine if you need to call for a boiler technician, or a gas safe engineer from companies like PlumbingForce, to conduct a boiler repair:

  •  Your boiler is making unusual noises
Just like many home appliances, you will know that something is wrong with your boiler when it starts making strange noises. These strange noises could come in the following forms:
  1. ·         Knocking 
  2. ·         Whirring
  3. ·         Clunking
  4. ·         Gurgling
  5. ·         Whistling
  6. ·         Sloshing

Whatever it is, though, if it is not the usual sound your boiler makes, turn it off and call someone to do a maintenance check. 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your boiler is about to explode. But, just to be surely on the safe side, turn the boiler off and have it checked and repaired, if necessary.  

  • An unusual smell is wafting through the air
If you start smelling something that resembles rotten eggs, then there is a chance that there is a gas leak in your home. Now, this does not necessarily mean that it is your boiler that is the cause of the problem. However, most boilers are gas-powered. And when you suspect a gas leak, there is no way you can ever disregard any gas-powered appliance. Turn off your gas line and call an expert to do an inspection and do some repairs on your appliances and your gas pipes. 

It is important to note that gas leaks can kill. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, DO NOT attempt to resolve it on your own. Always call for a professional. 

  • There is water pooling around your boiler

Any form of water leak or moisture on or pooling around your boiler can be the beginning of potential trouble. Take any type of water or moisture that seems to be coming from your boiler as a sign of internal malfunction. If you suspect that your boiler is leaking, immediately shut it off and get it checked or repaired by a professional. 

  • Warmth does not reach all parts of your house
If a room stays cold when the boiler is powered on, then chances are there is trouble within the boiler system. To confirm this, check if the baseboard heater or the radiator in the room is heating up. If it stays cold, there is a problem. 

The same goes if water from your faucet remains cold while the boiler is running. For both scenarios, it is best to call for an expert to handle the issue. 

  • Heat comes at an unusually slow pace
When you turn on your central heating system, you should feel the warmth almost immediately. Turning on your hot water tap should also give you immediate results. In the event that this does not happen, it means the steam from your boiler is not flowing or circulating properly. Take this as a sign to have your boiler checked and maintained. 

  • Your gas bills are inexplicably more expensive
If you notice an unusually steep rise in your gas bill once heating season starts, there is probably something wrong with your boiler. Any inefficiencies in your boiler may cause more serious, more expensive damages in the future, so be sure to have experts give it a look before the problem gets worse. 

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