4 tips for lighting your kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, a social hub where families come together at the end of a long day of work and school to catch up. Often somewhere that you host guests and entertain in as well as being a place you spend a lot of time preparing meals. As the kitchen is commonly the most used room in a house it is important that we get the d├ęcor and the lighting right. A designer lighting company, have put together a helpful list of tips for us to think about when lighting our kitchens.

Consider your colour scheme
Lights don’t always have to be white or silver; why not make your light a centerpiece by having it in a corresponding colour to the walls or accessories? Designer lighting can really bring a room together and turn it into something spectacular.

Atmosphere is important
The lighting in any room has a huge impact on the atmosphere and general feel of the space. Pendant lights or under cupboard lighting compared to a generic ceiling light can change the room completely. Maybe a dimmer switch could be considered if the kitchen is somewhere you entertain or would like a more relaxed vibe sometimes.

Don’t forget about the cleaning!
We all get a a little bit excited when we see a beautiful chandelier or an amazing piece of art that comes in the form of a light however you need to consider how hard it could be to clean. The kitchen is somewhere that has the potential to produce lots of mess and needs a lot of cleaning. You can use cleaning equipment such as vacuum and wet mop and make sure that cleaning your light can become part of your routine and that it's not too high or too intricate to do so.

Think about height
The ideal height of a light comes down to the height of your family and the height of the ceilings in the room. You need to make sure you have enough light to be able to prepare and cook all of your meals however you do not want them to be hanging too low and get in the way. You should also think about different methods of lighting as you will always be working in the shadows if a ceiling light is your only source of light in the kitchen .

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