How To Keep Your Diamond In Top Condition

While “cleanliness” isn’t one of the all-important 4Cs, it does affect the value of your diamonds. Keeping your diamonds shiny and safe isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either.

How Do Diamonds Get Dirty In The First Place?

A diamond’s beauty comes from the way it interacts with the light around it. Diamonds can absorb light and if cut in the right way, the light bounces around in the diamond, shining back at you with all the diamond shimmer you love. Light should be able to enter and exit the diamond table.

With regular wear, your diamond gets exposed to grime, dust and even the natural oils of your skin. This exposure leads to a sticky layer of film that attracts even more dust and dirt. The diamond is then blocked from receiving and absorbing light, making it look dull and lack-lustre. To get rid of this layer of grime, regular and careful cleaning, as well as storing your diamond in softly lined jewellery boxes is the way to go. Or, you can go to diamond wholesalers for professional cleaning services.

The Best Way To Clean Your Diamonds

Simple is best and when it comes to diamonds, this means warm water and soap. Start off by making sure you work in a container or sealed basin. The last thing you want to do is lose your diamond down the drain.

Next, mix together a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Don’t use body or hand soaps - they tend to contain oily moisturisers.

Use a soft toothbrush and carefully brush your diamond, aiming to reach the spaces in between the jewellery setting. If you need to, apply more soap to build up a foam and thoroughly clean your gem.

Never use pointy or sharp objects or tools like needles if you want to get into those awkward grooves. This can lead to scratches and it could damage your diamond.

Once you’ve cleaned your diamond, rinse it with fresh water, preferably in a strainer so it doesn’t fall down the drain.

Finally, gently rub and buff your piece with a lint-free, clean cloth. If you find water stains, simply remove them by applying alcohol either in small drops or a spray.

Store Your Diamonds Properly

You should also store your diamonds somewhere safe and protective. Each piece should have its own storage compartment. Keep them as flat as possible and avoid squashing or bunching up items of jewellery. This helps them to not come into contact with one another and get scratched. If you don’t have any compartments, use leather pouches or cloth and wrap each diamond piece in its own cloth.

If you’re going travelling with your diamonds, cloth or leather pouches are the perfect way to pack them to keep them safe, clean and scratch-free.

When To Take Your Diamonds To A Professional

While household cleaning and proper storage goes a long way to keeping your diamond in top condition, sometimes its best to take your gems to a professional. When you can’t reach dirt in certain places or stains just won’t come off, a jeweller will use a special machine and method to bring sparkle back to your beautiful jewellery.

These tips should help keep your diamonds in tiptop condition, just like the day you bought them.

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