5 Signs You Should Invest In Some Home Security

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It’s 2016, and the phrase ‘home security’ means a lot more than just a basic lock and key. With the amount of technology we now keep in our homes, burglaries have never been more costly, and it’s important we stay well-defended.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether your property needs a security boost, look no further! Here are five critical signs to watch out for, that could signify that change is needed.

You’re constantly away from home
Whether your job demands a lot of travel or you simply don’t spend your leisure time at home, you need some protection. With the dawn of the ‘Internet of Things,’ it’s never been easier to keep your house secure when you aren’t in it.

One way of doing this is by investing in wireless CCTV systems. The footage on these can be streamed to phone and will notify you of any sound or movement. This way, you’ll know about intruders in an instant, and can take immediate action.

You keep losing your keys
Let’s be honest; we’ve all been here before. Whether it’s down the sides of the sofa, in the car or the pocket of those jeans spinning around the washer, keys are made to be lost.

And that, in itself, is a sign that your home security could be in need of an upgrade. Problem? Keys keep getting lost. Solution? Get rid of the keys. With the help of a professional locksmith, it’s rather simple to install a lock that responds to your smartphone, for example.

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This way, you won’t have to keep track of those tiny metal objects, and your home will be safer. People tend to carry their smartphones everywhere, which makes them very hard to lose, too.

Your home insurance is ridiculously high
Everyone needs to pay home insurance, but for some, the cost may seem more than it’s worth. This is down to several factors; the area in which you live, your prior property history and the security of your home.

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If you lack basic features like a burglar alarm, it can have an effect on the cost of your premiums. Consider beefing up your security to lower that cost!

Is your area prone to crime?
Anyone can check their local crime rates online these days, and this can give you an indication of the level of security you need. High crime rates? Perhaps a tall hedge, burglar alarm, window sensors and keyless locks are in order. Better safe than sorry!

You live with an elderly/sick relative

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If this is you, and that relative is house-bound for most of the week, they’re at risk. If there is an intruder in the home, it’s unlikely they’ll have enough strength to ward them off and call the police. So, it’s up to you to prevent a robbery before it even happens.

One way to do this is to attach a soundbox of sorts to the outside of your home. This soundbox will be connected to a wireless remote, held by your relative. Now, if they suspect that someone’s trying to break in, they can press the remote to make a warning sound. Criminal successfully deterred!

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