Unboxing Review: Transcend MP330 MP3 Player

Transcend Philippines had hosted a contest on Facebook asking us fans about our most favorite Transcend product from the Lazada online shop. Among the list, the TRANSCEND MP330 8GB MP3 PLAYER had caught my attention. It was unexpected that I've won, but I am thankful because I get the MP3 for free. And I have been using the MP330 for more than a month. So I will be sharing my thoughts about it.

Design and Performance
The Transcend MP330 is a pen-drive shaped MP3 player perfect to use for all music lovers out there. Weighing just 25 grams, it is probably one of the lightest and smallest MP3 player in the market. It features a 1-inch monochrome OLED screen with 128 x 32 pixels resolution that displays text clearly at any angle and even in broad daylight. It has 8 gigabytes capacity that you can store up to 2000 songs. The MP330 supports MP3, WMA, WAV audio file and high-quality FLAC. With its rechargeable lithium polymer battery, you can listen continuously to music up to 12 hours. The A-B repeat function feature lets you constantly replay the particular songs that you like.

Aside from its function to play music, the MP330 can also record audio up to 20 hours. It has a built-in microphone that acts a perfect note-taker for important lectures or records your favorite songs in the FM radio. The Transcend MP330 can also be used as a portable storage with its built-in USB 2.0 connector. It can store and transfer files hassle-free. It is compatible with the personal computer, laptop and Windows in any version. Battery empty worry no more because the MP330 has a quick charge feature where in just 6 minutes of plugging into a computer or USB charger. You can continuously listen to music for a full hour.

The MP330 comes with a removable sport clip that gives you flexibility while you clip it in your pocket, backpack or shirt. It has also a pair of earphones and line in cable. The Transcend MP330 is available is white, pink and black color.

At a price of P 2290, I think it is a reasonable considering its brand and the quality of the product. With regards to its recording audio, I will give thumbs up because it exceeds my expectations. As a proof, my brother Jeson has a youtube video playing a guitar using the MP330 as a audio recorder. He recorded the audio separately using the Transcend MP330 and put it in his video. You can hear clearly the audio and you will be surprised that an MP3 was used as a recorder. The transferring of files is quick with its 8 gigabytes capacity.  The Transcend MP330 is a worth to buy gadget for everyone. So hurry and get one now!

**PRODUCT REVIEW BY: Charies M. Dawi

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