Plavix: Ensures Blood Clot Prevention

Leg thrombosis is, unfortunately, more and more present within our population and it is especially common for women. Even though it can also be diagnosed within hands, hips, brain, anus, in 90 % of cases, it will manifest itself as deep vein thrombosis of the leg. It is a severe condition that needs to be treated as soon as it is noticed.

                If unusual pain appears in your legs, together with increased tension of entire muscle system and swelling, do not take it for granted. If you skin becomes red and blue and you have a constant feeling of warmth within legs followed by increased body temperature, you can easily suspect that you have this condition. It is important to contact your doctor immediately so that he can clarify this state and prescribe you necessary drugs. In most cases, you can buy Plavix online to treat this problem. Doctors will also establish if only surface veins are effects or if the disease has taken a toll on deep veins as well.

                Surface thrombophlebitis is characterized by symptoms that last for a very short time, usually couple of hours up to a day or two. You can easily recognize it by symptoms such as redness, thickening of the skin, inflammation of leg veins, increased sensitivity, pain and warmth within affected area. The acute disease lasts up to 14 days maximum when all these issues slowly start subsiding. On rare occasions, thrombophlebitis will be followed by temperature, sedimentation and the large number of leucostictes.

                On the other hand, we have deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes, people who are suffering from it will not notice any issues. The condition itself is not dangerous except for the fact that it can lead to pulmonary embolism which is life threatening. To avoid death, a doctor will have to pay attention for swelling of the leg, tension, feeling of weight, sensitivity, redness, skin discoloration, surface veins popping out, hard walking and pain which persist even when the patient is not moving. The biggest pain will appear when you bend your joints, when knees are stretched or when you stand up with extended feet. According to experts from You! Drugstore, this is also known as Homan’s sign.

                Every blood clot that appears in veins and makes it difficult for blood to flow is called thrombus. It causes significant changes on very walls of veins and blood platelets starts grouping and sticking to each other making a blood clot. The state is usually caused by long-term resting, immovability, stroke, hard infections, heart attack, physical trauma, etc.

                Nowadays, most medical experts will recommend Plavix for this particular issue. The drug prevents platelets from sticking thus avoiding creation of blood clots. It is especially useful for preventing blood clotting after the recent heart attack or stroke. Even though it can be used before surgery (to avoid coagulation), it shouldn’t be used during last five days before the procedure. The drug can be utilized with or without food and dosage depends on the particular case.


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