Story Book Children’s App for Android User

The app below can be downloaded in your Google Playstore for FREE

*Amelia LITE- it’s an story book where you could read it yourself or just listen to the narration. It has mini games, interactive activities and beautiful animation. Though it has only limited pages because the full book cost Php88 or around 2$. I only downloaded the LITE version since I don’t want to purchase but the good thing is my daughter can still use the apps but not in full version though

* Ant&Grasshopper- 3D Story Book- it’s an interactive 3D story book that tells about the tale of Ant & Grasshopper. It has good graphics, sounds and music. You could touch and drag some part of the book. It has three dimensional rotation effect that makes the book looks like real one. It’s totally free from the beginning and at the end of the story.

*Kids Story Book Songs FREE by Penguin Apps-I love this app because the image moves when you click on it. You can sing-along to the nursery rhymes because it shows the lyrics while the song is playing. The unique sound effect makes it interesting for kids. Its free and includes the following songs:
– Jack and Jill

– Five Little Ducks

– Where is my dog

– Wheels on the Bus

– Old MacDonald

– Row Row Row your boat

– If you’re happy and you know it

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