Be a Sverve Influencer and Earn Cash

Are you a blogger who wants to join a new influencer community? Be part of Sverve community that aims to provide spotlight to bloggers and businesses which connecting them for a mutual benefits. Sign up now so we could endorse each other and share tips so we could both earn popularity in Sverve community

Join their campaigns to earn cash that will be paid to your Paypal account. Apply on their affiliate program with the fixed fee. 

Here's how to start: 
  • 1. Sign up at Sverve.com as Influencer. (Sign in with Twitter) Setup your account. Provide necessary details.

  • 2. Click on Campaigns at the upper corner of the webpage 
  • 3. Engage in "We're looking for influencers to spread the news about Sverve!" campagin dated Jul 10, 2015.
  • 4. Apply to become Sverve affiliate
  • 5. Unique referral code will be sent to you
  • 6. Post about the campaigns in your blog, forums, community threads and social media etc.

Note: Payments released every single month with the minimum earnings atleast 5$

Sign ups must be completed (verified) in order to be paid.
(1) All Sverve onboarding steps completed, AND
(2) Either blog should be verified OR Twitter account is connected.


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