People go through aging, and as we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes. Our lifestyle and genetics play a significant role in our the changes in our body. Unlike men, women are the most guilty of not accepting and appreciating their body type. As for women, they go through childbirth, menopausal stage and slowing of metabolism as they age which could affect the size and shape of their body. 

Your body image is a view of how someone sees their body.  Poor body image can take a significant toll on the quality of your life because it may affect both your physical and emotional health. Emotional distress and disappointment can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Feeling secure in body image has a more significant impact on happiness as it affects every interaction you have. The way you look can either boost confidence or lower self-esteem. Because having a healthy body image is an essential part of mental wellbeing and eating disorders prevention. 

Here are the tips which can help boost your body confidence to ensure it matches your mindset
Parenting, as most parents will admit, is a skill you learn on the job. You can read all the parenting books in the library but your child will not play to the script rendering everything you’ve learned useless.

You have to parent according to the particular needs of your child and how you want them to grow. There are a lot of what-ifs, as a lot of the impacts of the moment get to manifest not immediately but later as they continue to grow.

The first to be a better parent for your child is to understand them well, especially their personality.

Between raising your children, going to work, and running errands, regularly checking if the foods inside your fridge are stored properly may be the last thing on your mind at the end of a long day.

Sure, grocery shopping, planning, and cooking meals are hard but neglecting the food sitting inside your fridge is not a good idea, especially since improper food storage can result to germs and viruses to spread, which may lead to foodborne illnesses.

Fortunately, it is possible to make your food last longer while preserving the quality of it through different storage techniques. This will help ensure the safety of the food you serve during meals to make sure your family is eating healthy.

Here are three things to follow to keep your food safe while sitting in the fridge: