Most of us think that being young means that we're not prone to sickness and we have much stronger stamina and health than the elders. But because we are care-free and have much energy to do whatever we want to do, we end up having an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, junk foods and other factors can have massive effects on our health. Blood clot and high blood cholesterol can be associated with a similar factor: Excess Sitting.
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Just like our clothes, hairstyle, and possessions, our homes are an extension of our very selves. They are a way we express our identity and what matters to us most. For example, if you walk into the home of a full-time artist, you will probably be able to tell that they live there simply by looking around. On the same note, if you walk into the home of a successful business person, you should be able to see the outpourings of their success from the minute you get through the door. But making a house a home isn't just about showing off your material possessions. It's about investing in items that make a difference to you, and the way you and your family live in your home. It's also about doing things together that are unique to the way your family operates - things you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else. After all, a house is just an empty shell. It doesn't matter whether it's a brand new multi-million dollar apartment or an old converted barn house. It's still up to you and you alone to inject personality into it, so you feel as though it's yours. After all, how many times have you sat in a hotel room and despite the luxury, just felt a little....well, weird? It's unusual to bed down somewhere for the evening and not have any home comforts around. Humans are creatures inherently designed to build a 'nest' for themselves and their children. It is this deep-rooted instinct that could be the reason behind our desire to actually make our houses our homes.


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Winter is a tough time of year for everyone, let alone people who are susceptible to illness. We all have a weaker part of our body – maybe you tend to roll your ankle when you’re out running, or you get ear infections easily. But there are other people who suffer badly with their chests, and winter is a particularly hard time for that. The cold air can affect people badly and there are also a lot of colds going round. Here are some common winter ailments and conditions that can get worse in the winter, and some ways you can prevent them getting worse to protect your chest all year round.