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Death is one such topic that no one likes to talk or even think about, particularly if it’s their own. But, if you do not take up the decision of making a Will to list the ways in which your entire wealth must be distributed when you are still alive, then you could possibly leave mountains of issues and hardships for your loved ones.

Perhaps, like others, you feel awed or terrified by the process it entails – or is it the expense that puts you off?

Despite all of it, the truth is the process involved in making a Will (if you’re new to the process, it’s recommended to use a  simple Will template) could be quite easy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket provided you to take its major drawbacks into consideration.

However, there are certain situations where you might face a few issues. One such situation is assisting a parent or loved one who is diagnosed with dementia. Of course, it’s not going to be a walk in the park when helping them plan for the future, but it’s absolutely necessary.

You would’ve heard the phrase “Time waits for none”. Well, that applies here; in simple words, the more time is wasted after the person is being diagnosed with dementia, the less time is left for them to partake in the Will planning process.

Now you might ask if it is possible for a person with dementia to draft their own Will. The answer is, “Yes, they can!” but only if certain criteria are met.

Before going through the different criteria, let’s take a look what Dementia actually is and its signs.