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What is an amp/amplifier? An amp is a device that can increase the power of a signal and modulates the output of the power supply. The amp device can be categorized based on the properties of their inputs and outputs. There are lots of amps in the market, and all of them promises to give out the best quality sound. But what type of brand that could produce the wonderful tone and clarity you're looking for? Don't miss out the fender twin reverb when buying an amp. With much good feedback from the ones who already tried and own this authentic all-tube amp, you can be sure to get the value of your money. 


For a band's live performance as well as a studio recording, a mixer is one of the important instrument to be able to come up with great sound and music. A mixing console is a use to change the volume level, tone and the execution of different audio pieces. For those who are looking for various kind of mixer that will suit your budget click here for a great deal Does everyone want only the best right?

"If music be the food of love, play on."-- William Shakespeare


I grew up in a family where no one knows how to pluck a guitar. I envy my friends during my high school days because they could play guitar and other instruments while I can't even sing properly. It is one of my biggest frustrations in life to learn how to play guitar. I've wanted to go to a musical school to find out how to use musical instruments and how I could play them well.

But before enrolling in a musical school or asking someone to teach me how to play guitar, I must find a store where I could buy my own instrument. 

As much as I want to go to a physical store, I prefer to buying online.  Thankfully I came across Guitar Center, an online platform where I could find a wide variety of guitar, other instruments as well as accessories. Someone recommended to me that I should also have bogner alchemist if I want to experience impressive sound quality. It is an 112 combo amp that will give an incredible crystal clear tone with your guitar. 


I love watching Korean Dramas when I spare time. Right now, I am hooked with "Cinderella and the Four Knights" (a romantic-comedy drama similar to the 2009 TV series Boys Over Flowers). As much as I love the story, I also love the beat and melody of the soundtracks. Check out the songs below and for sure you'll also can't get enough of this newest tv series from Korea. 

BTOB - For You (English and Korean Lyrics)