Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read


Reading should be a really engaging activity that will make your child develop their skills in an array of ways. It helps to give your child that understanding of new sentence structures, vocabulary and of ways to build some of the greatest stories in written words. It helps your child work on many skills to guide them through life and experiences.


To help your child work on their reading skills, here are some top tips to help them enjoy and appreciate picking up a book.

Make reading feel fun

Use a range of different reading activities to help your child expand their understanding of new and improved skills. They can be in picture books, graphic novels, or comic books to help your child see the different kinds of writing out there for your child to explore. Your child might not necessarily enjoy picking up the usual reading books, so it’s important to give your child the freedom to explore different stories, and make it fun.

Make time for spelling and vocabulary games

Reading should feel interesting in different ways. If your child isn’t able to pick up the different words and phrases then it’s time to go back to basics. Let your child take part in lots of different games that will get them exploring lots of elements to the English Language. This preschool in Worthing provides plenty of options for children to really get to grips with their vocab and spelling, which makes reading and writing much easier for kids to pick up.

Take charge of the reading

Reading aloud and acting as the responsible figure of reading in the home will motivate your child. They’ll see you as an authoritative figure on when it’s time to sit around in a circle and read a story together. Use a loud, excited voice to talk to your child about a story you’re reading together.


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