Homemade Jewelry vs. Mass-Produced Jewelry


Jewelry allows us to express ourselves and often holds sentimental value. Have you ever wondered about the differences between homemade jewelry and mass-produced baubles? There’s a lot that goes into creating these different types of jewelry.


Understanding the differences between the two can help you decide which piece to next add to your collection. Here are some factors to consider when choosing handmade jewelry and mass-produced pieces.


1. Differences in Production

Handmade jewelry is crafted by an individual. These pieces are usually unique. You can make them yourself or find them at places such as farmer’s markets, craft shows and online.


Alternatively, mass-produced baubles are made by machines and factory workers in assembly lines. For this reason, there are many copies of each item that is produced. An example of mass-produced baubles is costume jewelry that you can purchase at a clothing or department store.  


2. Differences in Materials

Mass-produced jewelry is often made with low-quality materials. It’s even common for customers to have allergic reactions to the alloys in these pieces, or for fingers to turn green from poor quality rings. This is because larger companies try to cut costs and raise their profits, meaning quality is not a top priority.


Moreover, manufactured jewelry tends to break down faster. Gemstones are usually fake and may not have the best color or clarity. You might only wear these pieces a few times and then throw them away, which means they may not be a good investment.


Homemade pieces are usually constructed with higher-quality materials that come from trusted and reputable jewelry-making supply companies. Whether you make a piece yourself or buy from a crafter, you know exactly what you’re getting. Some handmade jewelry may even come with a certificate of authenticity. Additionally, these pieces can last for many years, as they are less likely to tarnish or break. 


3. Differences in Originality

Mass-produced baubles are crafted with the latest trends in mind. Moreover, these pieces can also be seen as “fast fashion,” defined by styles moving from the runway to affordable stores as quickly as possible. The ubiquity of fast fashion means you run the risk of blending in with the crowd, but worse, these short-term trendy items don’t have longevity, meaning you have to update your wardrobe more frequently.


On the other hand, homemade jewelry typically has unique and special designs that can cater to your personality and style. These pieces are often one of a kind, too making them exclusive to the wearer.


4. Differences in Price

Homemade jewelry is given more attention to detail and has more craftsmanship. Therefore, it’s usually more costly compared to manufactured jewels and gems. Love, care and thought is put into each design.


On the other hand, manufactured jewelry is more affordable, especially since there’s less time, effort and creativity that goes into its production.


5. Differences in Where Your Money Goes

When you purchase homemade pieces, you support independent artists and crafters as well as their small businesses. This allows them to keep making handmade products that allow individuals to express their personality and individuality. These pieces may even be locally made and are typically a more sustainable option.  


Mass-produced pieces are often made outside of the U.S. When you buy them, you’re supporting larger companies that may try to cut costs and outsource their labor. You don’t truly know what business practices they follow or if your money is supporting unethical practices.  


As you can see, there are many differences between homemade jewelry and mass-produced baubles. This list can help you the next time you purchase a personal ornament to add to your collection.








Image source: pexels.com

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