The Best Music Lessons for Kids: Building Skills and Passion


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Music is a part of our culture and can be enjoyed by all ages. But as children grow up, they often stop playing an instrument or singing in the choir because of the time commitment required to learn new skills. Online violin lessons are available for students to continue their music education from the comfort of home!

What Are the Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids?

Music lessons are beneficial for every child, regardless of age or skill level. Some benefits include:

  • Improved concentration and focus

  • Self-confidence in public speaking opportunities

  • Developmental skills that can lead to other academic success down the road (fostering creativity & problem solving)

How Do I Find a Good Instructor?

The best way to find an excellent instructor is through online reviews and recommendations from friends, family members, or colleagues. You’ll want to find somewhere that has a staff of highly qualified music teachers with years of teaching experience.

What Types of Instruments Are Most Popular With Kids?

The most popular instruments vary depending on the child’s age and interests. However, some general trends include:

  • Piano & keyboard lessons for young children

  • Violin lessons for elementary school-age children

  • Vocals for high school students and adult

How to Choose the Right Music Lesson For Your Child?

Of course, every child is unique. However, online reviews have shown that most kids enjoy singing lessons more than any other type of lesson. Choosing a violin or piano class can be just as beneficial for building basic music skills. Find what works for both you and your child in terms of the type of music, instrument, setting, and a planned schedule for practice before beginning to ensure your child is set up for success.

Common Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing a Lesson

One common mistake parents make is choosing the wrong type of lesson for their child’s age and interests. For instance, if your child isn’t interested in singing, don’t choose vocal lessons as your first option! Signing up for the wrong type of class can often lead to discouragement and a lack of interest in continuing music education.

The Best Places to Buy Instruments and Supplies

The Forbes Music company offers online violin lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, and guitar lessons. There are almost always music shops in your town that will have the supplies necessary for your child’s studies. If there isn’t one, look online for reputable shops that have honest reviews of the quality of their instruments and customer service. You can either rent or buy an instrument depending on your preferences.

With the best teachers and staff, Forbes Music fosters the love, appreciation, and enjoyment of music through fun, in-home, and online music lessons that develop skills, build confidence and promote happiness. Their music lessons and group classes allow students to nurture their love of music with excellent teachers who inspire passion, creativity, and deeper enjoyment of music beyond the notes on the page. Packages and discounts are available. 

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