Helping Your Child Choose a Sixth Form


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Your child may want to undertake A Levels but may not wish to remain at their school to do so. This is fine – for many young adults, this is a healthy decision and a way to make changes in their life.

Meeting new friends, having a new routine and journey to school can be very refreshing for children and if your child would like to choose a new school or college for sixth form, it’s important that you take their request seriously.

Visits are vital

Make sure to find out when the sixth form has open days for parents and pupils. Book a spot and attend with your child. This senior school in Middlesex takes these open days very seriously and it’s a chance for parents and pupils alike to see the environment and meet the staff.

This first look is important as it will give you both a chance to assess the school and the amenities.

Your child might have a strong reaction to one school and not to another so it’s important to book a few visits.

Consider distance

Some travel might be expected but it’s important that your child does not have to travel too far to school each morning as this can be very tiring for teenagers. About 5 miles or thereabouts is reasonable but ensure that there is a reliable bus service for your child if you are unable to drive them.

What to consider

Ask your child what they consider to be important in a school. They may be set on a school with excellent sports facilities, or it could be the kiln in the art department that attracts them!

Perhaps the outdoor area is important to them? Discuss what you’re both looking for, including how important the academic results are to you both. This will be useful when it comes time to whittle down the options!

When they begin at their new school, don’t expect things to go smoothly immediately – they may do and that’s all well and good, but it can take some time for teenagers to make new friends so encourage your child to join in with any clubs or associations that are on offer.

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