Fun activities for kids that can make the best out of being in quarantine

The COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus pandemic continually affecting many families around the globe. This pandemic brings big changes to the family's everyday routines. For parents and youngsters, the struggles are real.

As part of the necessary measures, schools have been closed and the children have no choice but to stay at home. And with these, they have less opportunity to play outside with their friends that leads to feelings of isolation. More seemingly they are experiencing anxiety, bored, and feeling lonely. Kids struggled with boredom at home.

Here are some of the fun activities for kids that can make the best out of being in quarantine. 

1. Try a new cookie or cake recipe. 

Many children love spending time with their mom and dad in the kitchen, you can enjoy easy baking recipes. Let them help with decorating the biscuits, kneading dough, stirring, or adding ingredients. Give them easy and quick tasks appropriate for their age.

2. Have a family movie night marathon. 

Binge-watch nature documentaries or family-friendly movies that both you and your kids will enjoy. Chill on your couch in your family matching pajamas and have a movie night marathon after a long day. Find fun themed pajamas at LazyOne for the whole family!

3. Educational activities at home

While the schools are closed, our home is a good place where children can learn.  There are educational activities that can be explored in our home such as making simple cards, alphabet books, or word games and playing with letter magnets. 

4. Engage their natural curiosity and wonder through gardening. 

It is a great physical activity that both parents and children can do during this quarantine period. You can grow indoor plants or start a garden using recycled containers if you don't have your own backyard. This activity will teach children the importance of the environment and a great way to let them be aware of where food comes from.

5. Teaching kids life skills. 

Many parents are doing everything for their kids rather than letting them figure out the way to support themselves.  Kids these days mostly rely on their parents in doing basic life skills. Don't let your kid become one of them.  Teach them how to clean their room, put away their own laundry, help make dinner, washing dishes, feeding pets, or sweep. Expose kids to doing chores by letting them watch you while you cook or make them do tasks appropriate for their age.

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