4 Horrifying Side Effects of Weight Fluctuations


Staying fit and healthy has become a challenge for modern humans because the 21st century has brought with it a sedentary lifestyle, that is making a considerable number of people obese. As a result, obesity is causing health conditions like varicose veins which can pose quite a few problems, but it can be treated by Endovenous Laser Treatment, or EVLT. In the face of these pressing circumstances, many health and outlook conscious people are undertaking various techniques to lose weight. However, even though these techniques are useful in losing weight, scientists claim that around 90 percent of such people gain this weight almost as quickly as they lose it.

The most critical component of weight loss is the calorie count, and it is not something to incorporate in your daily life only for a few months. If you wish to remain fit and healthy, you will have to build your lifestyle such that you keep a count on the calories you ingest and the calories you burn. Otherwise, your weight will keep on fluctuating which can have devastating effects on your body. We have discussed here four horrifying side-effects of weight fluctuations on your body so that you start visualizing the weight-maintaining routine as a long term commitment.

  1. Metabolism slows down:

Metabolism strongly depends on the weight of the individual, and if you lose weight, your basal metabolic rate decreases. The basal metabolic rate is essentially the number of calories that are burnt while performing the functions of daily routine. Therefore, to maintain this reduced weight, a person needs to consume fewer calories as compared to before.

It has been proved by various studies that people who undergo various bouts of weight loss and regain have higher hunger levels when their weight is at the lowest. However, their hunger levels remain on the higher side even when their weight is regained. Therefore, these weight fluctuations keep on affecting the metabolism rate, which throws a lot of systems in your body out of whack.

  1. Inflammation issues:

Gaining weight drives a lot of genetic changes in your immune system and may cause chronic inflammation throughout your body. Other than damaging the DNA, chronic inflammation can be held responsible for causing many severe medical conditions like autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular diseases. As a result, it may also cause an increase in hunger levels as well as weight gain which kick starts a vicious cycle. Amid all this, if the body starts to lose weight that is bound to be gained again, it can wreak havoc on the systems of the body.

  1. Increased risk of heart diseases:

When you gain weight, it triggers the genetic changes related to heart diseases. For example, even small gains in weight affect fatty acid metabolism, which is how the body breaks down fat to gain energy. Alarmingly, these changes stick inside the body even after the weight loss, which can result in numerous health conditions. According to studies, people whose bodies undergo weight fluctuations are twice prone to suffer health conditions like cardiac arrests and strokes.

  1. Increased risk of depression:

According to a study conducted by Oxford University in 2018, people who experience weight fluctuations are more likely to suffer depression. This causal connection is also validated by other credible studies, but scientists have not been able to explain the reason behind it.

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