How Does a Built-In Vacuum Work?

There are many benefits to having a built-in vacuum. No cords, less mess, more power, and an easier clean. It’s a convenient, high-performing, versatile, and all-around great value. Plus, it even helps to improve the indoor air quality of your house. If you haven’t yet considered upgrading to a built-in vacuum, we urge you to do so. For over three decades, at Gary’s Vacuflo, we’ve been making a difference in homes all around the Portland area by installing built-in vacuum systems.

You may be asking yourself what a built-in vacuum is. Essentially, it’s a vacuum that’s located in a central location in your home but works throughout all the rooms in your house, with pipes running through the interior walls. These pipes connect to the central unit of the system, which is stationary, meaning you’ll never have to lug a heavy portable vacuum around ever again.

Wondering how a built-in vacuum works? Let us explain it to you. There are four main components to a built-in vacuum that work together to function.

Central Vacuum Power Unit

The central vacuum power unit is at the core of the built-in vacuum system. It has a motor that’s extremely powerful and capable of providing strong suction and deep cleaning. The power unit also has a filter to separates the debris. This power unit is large and strong, so it tends to be located in the basement or the garage of your home. This way, it’s out of sight too, so no need to worry about it being an eyesore.

The vacuum motor pulls air through the pipes in your walls and then through the hose. This then sucks up and captures all the dirt, dust, debris, garbage, and so forth that you would normally vacuum up. All of these things are completely removed from the home to the power unit, where they can be disposed of without reintroducing them to your living space.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to visit the power unit to hit the on-switch every time you want to vacuum. The unit is automatically powered on when a vacuum hose is inserted into one of the inlets on your wall.

Pipes and Inlets

As mentioned, the pipes are in the walls and are how everything—air, dirt, and debris—travels out of your living space. The inlets are installed in various rooms of your home, but not every room needs an inlet, as an inlet can cover even over 1,000 square feet. Instead, they can be installed where they’ll be most convenient for you. The distance reachable from each inlet will vary based on the type and length of the central vacuum hose you choose. All inlets do have low voltage wires.

Central Vacuum Hose

The hose of the central vacuum is basically the control of the entire system. They are crushproof, light, and bendable. There are two different types of central vacuum hoses that you can choose from—traditional vacuum hoses and retractable hoses.

The traditional vacuum hose has two ends: one designed to connect to the inlet and the other to your chosen vacuum attachment. A retractable hose doesn’t need to be plugged into the inlet, as it is already contained in the pipes until you pull it out to use it. When you’re done with it, just use your hand to block the suction for a moment, and the hose will retract back into the pipes.

Vacuum Tools

There are a variety of vacuum tools and accessories that are beneficial to use with your built-in vacuum system. Many of these allow you to clean your home even more efficiently. The most common types of vacuum tools people purchase are carpet brush heads and tools for cleaning blinds and mopping floors. There are many tools and accessories out there, and you should be able to find those that will fit your home and your family’s needs perfectly. There truly is an accessory available for every single cleaning job!

At Gary’s Vacuflo, we have different categories of vacuum tools and accessories, such as hose management and quick clean-up, cleaning kits, hard surface clean-up, powerheads and hose accessories, pet tools, dust and crevice tools, storage and maintenance tools, and specialist tools such as a floor rake.

A built-in vacuum system is a great option for many homes and families. It makes cleaning easier, faster, and more efficient. Plus, it results in a more thorough cleaning. By completely removing dust, dirt, pet dander, and allergens from your home, you’re improving your air quality and creating a healthier environment. It really will help transform your home.

If you’re still confused as to how a built-in vacuum works, please give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to further explain it to you. Additionally, we can stop by for a visit and show you exactly how a built-in vacuum system would work in your home—new or existing. We can show you where we recommend putting the inlets and the power unit and how the pipes will flow through your walls. We can also show you what type of hose we’d suggest and any other tools and accessories that would benefit you.

If you have never considered a central vacuum system, it’s time to start. Let us transform your home just like we have been doing all over the Portland area. It will change your life, we can guarantee that! Just imagine never having to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs again or never having to trip over cords ever again. That dream can be a reality, simply by switching to a built-in vacuum system.

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