Teach To One Math Offers a Better Classroom Set Up

A great teacher that incorporates great teaching methods are the most critical component of a student’s success. That’s why Teach to One Math relies on their teacher's talents because of they are the instruments that help children love the subject. Thus, this teaching the company enables better experiences and a more professional environment that is more collaborative, rewarding, and sustainable when compared with a traditional classroom set-up. Read on below to see the primary differences that set at Tech to One classroom apart:

Provide Collaborative Teaching

In this setup, there are teams of teachers that teach a larger group of students. This kind of scenario would not be visible in a traditional classroom model. With this collaborative practice, teachers have to align their vital instructional systems, practices, and expectations, so they can all help out a student. They also have to share accountability for student learning.

Benefit from Unique Daily Schedules

Unlike in a typical classroom where everyone follows the same regiment and rigorous schedule, in the Teach to One system, teachers receive daily personalized schedules. This gives them the power to work with various groups of students each day. The teachers tackle those with special issues that need personal attention. These schedules indicate the students a certain teacher will work with, the learning modules they have to facilitate, the targeted student skills that should be addressed, and the specific venue in the math center where the teaching instruction and lecture will take place.

Give Multimodal Instruction

Teachers are not stuck with the same boring handouts and lectures. Throughout the entire school calendar, teachers are required to provide different learning method or instruction modalities. These unique methods could include live investigation conducted by the students, small group work collaboration, and independent learning. This kind of personalized and creative learning has more impact on students. On top of all these, teachers are assigned a group of students to handle in their math advisory. The goal of this endeavor is to encourage a strong teacher and student relationship so that the children will feel comfortable enough to reach out to their mentors should they have any problems.

Perform Better from Best-in-Class Lessons

Teach to One Math offers the best in class lessons. To date, they include around 9,000 high-quality lessons, which they themselves have reviewed and selected from a large pool of more than 80,000 lessons to ensure that only the best of the best get chosen. These lessons cover nine different areas of learning which pave the way for the student to explore multiple approaches and methods when it comes to their own learning. To illustrate, when doing a demonstration for the Live Investigation, teachers can opt to use the lesson plan provided or they can also opt to use other types of materials that they feel relates to the subject that they are talking about.

Provision of On-Site Support

It is important to note that each partner school has a support team to help them out. This includes a reliable team of technical, operational, and instructional specialists who will gladly assist and provide on-site support to teachers and administrators all throughout the school year. Eventually, centers may choose to reduce the support services as they become more self-sufficient through the years.

Access to a Teacher Portal

With Teach to One, teachers are able to access an online portal where they can get updated information on industry trends and school policies. They can also track their students learning progress, review their performance history, and set goals for the future so that they can guide their students in to continued success. This portal is accessible 24 hours a day.

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