5 Facts About Stained Glass Windows

When someone says the words “stained glass windows”, we tend to imagine big impressive religious buildings. They are highly decorative and truly magnificent, transforming any space where they are installed. There are lots of interesting, lesser known facts about stained glass windows, which you will find listed below.

1.     The colour in a stained glass window is created by adding a metallic oxide to the glass whilst it is its molten state. It is then rolled into thin sheets and cooled. Alternatively, the colour can be painted onto the glass and then fused in a kiln. The method of making stained glass windows hasn’t changed since it was first discovered.

2.       In years gone by, stained glass windows were installed into churches to depict elaborate bible stories for those who could not read. What’s more, the different colours in the windows represent different things. For example, red represents the blood of Christ, while blue tends to represent heaven.

3.       Bathrooms tend to be a popular place for homeowners to add stained glass windows. This is because, not only do they make a stunning statement, they also help with privacy. Homeowners also like to use stained glass windows to block out unsightly views.

4.    When Henry VIII founded the Church of England, many stained glass windows were ordered to be destroyed. The makers of these windows were afraid to recreate them for many years after.

5.       The largest, handmade stained glass window is said to reside in the St Mary’s Cathedral in Kentucky. It measures 67ft by 24ft and depicts the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD.

If you have an old stained glass window in your home, you might be able to get it repaired or restored. Alternatively, you might want to have a new stained glass window created, which will allow you to infuse an element of your creativity and personality into your home.

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