5 Family-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Once you have kids, you have to adjust everything to them, including your home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose all sense of style or that you have to compromise your own comfort in favor of theirs. There are some great solutions that will make your whole family feel happy and cozy inside your home. Here are some home-decorating ideas that will work for adults and the little ones alike.

Make things more accessible

You will make your kids very happy if you find a way for them to use some parts of your home that aren’t normally accessible to them. The best place to start is the bathroom. Parents go out of their way to make bathrooms safe for kids by buying rubber bumpers for sharp corners, and bathtubs and sinks with curvy edges. Some even secure the bathroom door or lock the toilets. These are all good ideas to avoid any accidents or injuries. However, by installing a shower bar which allows for the shower head to be repositioned and throwing in a non-slip mat into your bathtub or shower, you’ll allow your kid more independence while bathing. Also, if rely on companies like Victoria Plum, your bathroom can still look great, but you’ll all be able to use it safely and efficiently.

Go for an open-floor plan

Opening your kitchen so that it merges with your living room will not only create a wonderful family-friendly space, which you can then decorate and adjust to your family’s needs and habits, but also make your kitchen more useable for everybody. For example, since the border between the rooms becomes blurred, you get some extra space for a nice and stylish kitchen island. Within that island, you can add a drawer with coloring pencils, paper or playing cards for your kids, so that they can play right next to you while you cook. You can even give them some plastic dishes and let them mimic what you do. Another option is that they spend their time playing or watching TV in the living room, or simply mingle around, but you still get to spend valuable time as a family.

Be smart about fabric choice

Children are explorers and very curious ones. So, once they start fully exploring your home, there will be spills and stains and things alike. For this reason, you should choose the fabric for your upholstery wisely. It should be durable and in darker hues or colorful enough not to show any of your children’s attempts to turn orange juice or raspberry yogurt into art on your furniture. Get removable and easily-washed covers for your sofas and even chairs to protect them in the long run. Since most kids love spending time on the floor with their toys, invest in cotton, jute or wool rugs. They come in various colors and patterns, meaning that your room can look amazing while your cherubs are safely and comfortably rolling on the floor.

Add some wall décor

There is more than one way to decorate your walls in style. Of course, you can get some wall art in the form of paintings, but with kids, you might want to opt for more cheerful, abstract art in bright colors. Not only will they make your home look modern, but they will also perk up space, making it more inviting to your family and any visitors you have. Plus, this is a great way to introduce your kids to art, enabling them to develop their own sense of appreciation for it. Other than paintings, you can decorate your walls with family photos in elegant frames, so that you and your little ones can be reminded of your strong bonds and love every day. Also, inspirational quotes painted on your walls or framed and hung along your photos and other art is also a nice and interesting way to go, and so is any artwork your children make themselves.

Declutter with practical storage

Where there are children, there are toys, books and all sorts of other things spread around the floor and your furniture. Since you don’t want to end up putting it all away on your own, make sure that the kids’ stuff has its own place and that it’s easily reachable by the little people. For example, get some baskets for their toys, label them and place them on some of your lower shelves. You can get wholesale labels at affordable prices that will help you create and print customized labels without breaking the bank. Similarly, create a designated space for their shoes, jackets, ande backpacks, and keep them as close to the ground as you can. If possible, when buying them beds, choose ones with sufficient storage space underneath, where they can also put away things like board games or puzzles to avoid clutter in their room and the rest of your home.

Decorating your home to your own liking is possible even with small children around. All you need to do is combine your preferred style with your family’s needs and you’ll have your perfect family-friendly home in a blink.


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