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Since we are now living in the digital age, online shopping is the choice of people who don't have time to go out and shop traditionally. The internet makes online shopping more accessible to anyone. Aside from the great deals online, the reasons why people choose to shop online is because they can buy a particular product anywhere and anytime they want. Reviews are also available, which guide shoppers with the reputation of the store and even the quality of the product they want to buy.

Speaking of digital age, most moms right now are in the venture of working online while they also take care of the family at home. I am a full-time mom, blogger, and part-time freelancer. The main reason why I work online is that I also want to devote myself to raising my daughter. These means I have lesser time to go out and shop for myself. For me, shopping online is the convenient and most prominent option because I won't need to wait in long lines at the counter. Makeup products, pieces of jewelry, apparels, bags, and shoes are widely available in many stores online, but some website is asking for credit card information, while others are asking for US billing/shipping address. I don't have a credit card nor a US shipping address, but I wanted to buy products from online stores like Sephora, Target, and Walmart. What should I do?

Just recently, I learned about a platform that offers personal shopping services. Not only that, they also provide current price quotations, different pickup points, and shipping options as well as comments and recommendations, so you'll get the best services you need. 

GMET Trading is an online platform that provides easy and convenient personalized online shopping to their costumers. You can shop from US online stores and websites securely even if you don't have a credit card and US billing/shipping address.

Below are just some of the stores and websites you can choose to buy products with your personal shopper.

For those who don't have any idea on how personalized online shopping works, here's the step-by-step guidelines:

* Send an email to gmet.trading@gmail.com with the URL link/s of the items you want to purchase or you can also visit https://www.gmettrading.com/shop and fill in the needed information on the boxes shown in the picture below:

*Price quotations and recommendations will be sent to you via email, text or messages 

*Downpayment can be made through bank deposit or at any pickup locations

*Your personal shopping team will make the order and once the item arrived, you can send the balance payment.

*Additional fee will only be needed if you wish to ship the items directly to your home or in any location

Imagine how convenient opening parcels delivered to you filled with things that you've always wanted. Online shopping can be much better with the help of personal shopper that can work with you hand in hand. 

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