TopBuzz: Latest and Hottest Philippines Stories All In One App

Is accessing daily news a hassle to you? Do you follow the latest "chika" about your favorite celebrities? How about the latest technology trends? Looking for a discount from food establishments? Worry no more because AMXWorks came up with an android app that suits your need. TopBuzz App is a FREE android application that can be downloaded to Google Play (also available at the Pinoy AppShop of Cherry Mobile) which is only 2.22 MB and requires Android 4.0.3 and up that will give you the access to the latest headlines and trending stories at the tip of your hand anytime anywhere. TopBuzz App was updated last November 20, 2015 and improved its overall performance since then.
The app looks simple and neat. You can easily choose from the 12 categories on its side drawer navigation from the LATEST, BUZZ, FEATURED, NEWS, SPORTS, LIFESTYLE, BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, VIDEOS, DEALS, JOBS and EVENTS. The news category has 50 newspaper headlines from the leading news sources in the country. The other categories have at least 25 articles on it. Entertain yourself by watching amazing videos while stuck in the traffic or just bored at home.

1. Simple design and interface
2. One-stop App for news, videos, technology and more
3. There's a share button to every news page

1. You'll need a Wi-Fi or mobile data to access the app
2. It only provides local news (Philippines latest headlines)
3. Minor Bugs (Jobs and Events categories are currently empty)

Don't be left out! Download the TopBuzz App now for FREE! 
*** Available soon on the App Store 
*This app is compatible with some of your devices.

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