Protect Your Child with My Underpants RULE

Nowadays, there are many alarming inhumane acts everywhere. Sometimes we don't know how will we protect our own family from the bad people especially our children.

The estimates are that in most western countries, 1 in 5 kids will be sexually assaulted at some level before they are 18 years old. We have also been horrified by the recent media headlines involving high profile people and institutions. Sadly 90% of child sexual assault cases actually occurs when the offender has a close relationship to the child (even other children). However, we can significantly change these statistic and keep our kids safe...

As a parent, I want my child to be protected and well equipped with knowledge in protecting his/herself from harm. I highly recommend a book that's worth buying.

My Underpants RULE! (hardback and softback book) that is a fun, easy, empowering way to teach kids how to protect their private parts. It uses a catchy, repetitive rhyme - The Underpants RULE! coupled with bright, colourful illustrations, child friendly humour and a superhero theme to teach what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in relation to one's private parts and what to do if something should happen. This book is 'loved' by kids and is 'easy' for parents/carers and educators. Best suits 3 to 8 year olds.

My Underpants RULE! is on the NSPCC recommended reading list and they have also selected it to be the cornerstone of a behavioural study in Northern Ireland involving 40 schools in 2016. It has been recommended by leading child psychologists, survivors,  and a portion of each sale goes to Barnardos. 

Visit www.myunderpantsrule.com for more information and purchases.

Teaching kids to Protect themselves can be CHILD'S PLAY...

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