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Is Your Family Ready For A Financial Emergency?

A lot of households around the country are doing OK regarding getting by these days. But the simple truth is that getting by just isn’t enough, and it doesn’t take much of crisis to put tremendous strain on your family’s finances.

We all experience periods where we can’t seem to scrape together a few cents - the post-Christmas paycheck never seems to last the distance, for example. But what happens if the primary earner in your household has an accident or gets ill? Or what happens when you have no reserves or savings but have to pay for an expensive car repair or a critical problem with your home? Will you be ready financially or will you be in serious trouble?

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My Spring Dress Wishlist

Summer is just around the corner, and we are all ready to flaunt our beautiful body in the beach but before that, let's first enjoy the spring season. Spring is here already, and there are so many things to do, right? The nights will be longer while the days will be brighter. This means I'll have more time to enjoy the party at nights. Lately, I have been thinking of my wardrobe that already needs to have an overhaul. But because I am lazy to go out, I find myself browsing for dresses online. I came across this two awesome online platform which offers the wide range of clothing just perfect for what I have been looking for. 

StyleWe is an online shop that works with various independent fashion designers to come up with high-quality products with unique and fabulous designs. They got plenty of dresses perfect for my spring dress wishlist. Here are some of the items I wanted to share with you:

Swing Floral Mesh Embroidered Elegant Evening Dress

Swing Floral Mesh Embroidered Elegant Evening Dress


Green Floral-print 3/4 Sleeve Midi Dress