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Early Signs That Your Child Could be Suffering from a Speech Impediment

Image source: Pixabay

Diagnosing a speech impediment in a child, especially when they’re of an early age, can be a challenge. During their early formative years, it’s easy to mistake what could be a clear sign of a speech impediment as simply a normal part of their speech development. However, there are some clear signs that parents could look for that could indicate your child may be indeed suffering from a speech disorder. Here are some of these signs:

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Why You Don't Need to Be a Techie to Create a Successful Blog

Image by Pexels

Long years ago, blogging was considered as a highly technical skill that required a lot of learning and technical knowledge. With the development of software and online applications, today anyone can get a blog registered and created in just a few minutes. If your dream is to turn your passion into a regular income, you can get started in a few days, and connect with your audience on multiple channels: social media, video sharing sites, blogs, and forums.