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LOOK: Vivo V9 stuns in elegant Velvet Red

Calling red as a head-turner is an understatement. No color has the same impact as red. Red represents a myriad of emotions and occasions from both ends of the spectrum. But global smartphone brand Vivo owns the color by highlighting its elegance that transcends trends.

Vivo has released its flagship smartphone, the V9, in Velvet Red.

Pop-Oh-Ver Giveaway #KangarooMfg Ends 6/8

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5 Smart Savings To Make On Interior Decoration

Most of us like to have a pleasant environment in which to spend our time. Sadly, not only does the house need constant cleaning and tidying to achieve this but it also needs to be decorated relatively frequently as well to look its best. The big problem with decoration is that it can cost a fortune to do and make those families on a budget think twice! Luckily there are some smart ways you can save on your interiors. Read on to find out what they are.

Make the basics neutral.


Neutral basics can be dressed how you please.