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Dropprice $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway Ends 12/20

Target Gift Card Giveaway

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Getting Into The Habit: How To Communicate Healthy Eating To Your Child

Where do we begin when it comes to schooling our children on the topic of eating healthily? Is it when they’re in preschool? Or is it when they are a lot older and wiser to make their own choices? Research shows that 30 percent of American preschoolers don’t eat one single vegetable, opting to start on tots or fries instead of carrot sticks. So where does the blame go? Is it the school for not putting on healthy meals? Is it the World Health Organization? Or is it us, the parents? While blame can be attributed to all three, I am going to focus on what we can do, as parents. The 1,000 Days organization is hoping to improve the nutrition of our children through the most crucial period of our children’s health, from pregnancy to their second birthday, the first 1000 days.

The Holiday Kitchen Bundle Giveaway ($252 TRV) Ends 12/25 #SMGN


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Pampering Pregnant Mom For The Holidays Giveaway Ends 12/25

Pampering Pregnant Mom For The Holidays  

Every mom deserves to be pampered that's why we pregnant moms can also have the chance to win amazing prizes for themselves. Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Pampering Pregnant Mom For The Holidays Giveaway! Check out the details below on how to join this giveawa. GOOD LUCK!