Home is where the heart it- a place to relax and unwind after a long day, spend quality time with family and host parties and dinners with friends. It’s somewhere that memories are made, and really is your little ‘safe place’ in the world that you can retreat to. So a home that you love and that works for you is so important, here’s how you can go about achieving your dream property.

Find the perfect property

First things first, you need to find a place that’s suitable for you. If you’re a single career woman for example, then a home that’s relatively small and close to work will probably suit you. If you’re a couple that plans on having children, then a starter home would be ideal for you- something cosy with two bedrooms and nice surroundings. If you already have a family then you’ll need to find something with enough space, and that’s close to your children’s schools. Draw up a list of all of the things you want (and don’t want!) in a home. Set your budget, and then use a realty site like William Pitt to find out what’s available to you. You could go with a property that’s move- in ready or is a bit of a fixer-upper. You could choose a property based on it’s potential, or because you love it as it is. Either way, finding a suitable home from the outset is your first step. 

Decorate it beautifully

Once you’ve found your perfect property the fun can really start. With tenancy agreements or mortgage applications out of the way, moving vans and all of the boring and stressful stuff you can set about making your home your own. Spend time searching through paint swatches, and have the walls painted in a colour you love. Have new carpets fitted, and have fun choosing out furniture and furnishings that reflect your style and personality. The way our homes are decorated is so important. When you love your home it can promote feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. What better way to unwind after a long day than in a gorgeous home that you’ve carefully curated for you and your family? Things like plants and flowers, cushions, rugs and other furnishings will all make the place look cosy and homely once the main pieces are in.

Keep it clean and organised

If you want to keep your new home looking beautiful, it’s important to consider storage and organisation. Having a place for everything means cleaning and tidying are easy. Clutter doesn't accumulate, and everything can stay organised. Consider fitted, built in wardrobes in bedrooms- these give you plenty of storage space and can be fitted around any nook and cranny. Shoe storage and coat hooks in cupboards help to keep outdoor wear near when people arrive home. Boxes and bins on shelves and under beds help to keep items that you don't need every day organised, but out of the way. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest on home storage and organisation, well worth a look.


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It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but a growing number of moms are staying at home during those early formative years and you have joined their ranks. However, in today’s economy, that extra paycheck not only helps, but is necessary to meet all the bills. The one thing you may have considered was that you’d need to deal with kids underfoot, but you didn’t realize that some days the noise and confusion would keep you from doing either job well. How can you balance being a full time mom with the work you’ve taken on? Here are some pointers that should help you keep the level of sanity you need to stay productive.