If there's one thing I wish I could've done better as a mother, it would have been being able to breastfeed my baby. From conception to delivery there were many times we'd ask ourselves, "How worse can it get?" "Will it get any more painful than this?" Please don't say "Ay tamtamin mu, at maurag ka!" because that's rude. Haha seriously, though, quite a few times we ran into a situation when we felt like we've reached the threshold of pain we can tolerate.


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The workplace of today is quickly changing. Offices are now observing casual Fridays all week long in some startups, and the old rules are slowly being discarded. Although the workplace is loosening up some things, currently remain constant in workplace fashion. It is important that while attempting to stay in step with a time that many unspoken workplace fashion faux pas are not committed.
Compiled is a list that will benefit all readers, male or female, and a tip or two to trade with the recent college graduate or teenage cousin in your life to help them also succeed at work and in a dress.
Always remember that although how you dress is only a small part of who you are it is the only part that people who do not know you see when you walk by or enter a room. Make the best of what they see and both you and all around you will greatly benefit.
Remember that while some rules still serve as constants in workplace fashion today, the ever changing work landscape may call for a set of new rules in another decade.