How to Identify Your Child's Learning Style


Learning styles are interesting to take note of as they can help you to revolutionise the way that you learn and get things done. If your child is at school, knowing this can ensure that they get the most out of their lessons. To find out which they have, complete a survey or cross reference your observations against the typical learner traits that we have included below from a senior school in Herefordshire.


Kinaesthetic Learners

These learners like to jump straight into the deep end and get stuck in. They enjoy more practical means of learning and would much rather engage in a science experiment than copy out pages of a textbook. This is the reason why they thrive and enjoy STEM related subjects. If your child has this learning style, outdoor learning opportunities and field trips are things that you may want to consider.


Visual Learners

A visual learner likes diagrams and illustrations. For them, it’s important that they can see things clearly e.g., by having concise notes and that they can see the board. If your child falls into this category, you may want to speak with their teacher to see if you can arrange for them to be moved to the front of the class.


Auditory Learners

An auditory learner can be categorised as someone that responds well to instructions and likes hearing things back. It’s the way that they remember things which is why when teaching them, you should experiment with your tone of voice and repetition. Children with this learning style can also benefit from sitting at the front as it ensures that they can hear clearly and take everything spoken about on board.


There are in fact 4 additional learning styles. They are lesser known but just as important to note. They are: 

  • Verbal (Linguistic)
  • Logical (Mathematical)
  • Social (Interpersonal)
  • Solitary (Intrapersonal)

**Image source: pexels.com

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