The Importance of Community Involvement for Children


Being a part of a community can be a source of empowerment for a child. Allowing them to feel a sense of belonging and love. It's important to exercise an active community involvement with your child from an early age to forge connections and help them in developing their own identity.


A nursery in Shoreditch shares more on the importance of community involvement for children.


A Support Network

By being actively involved in the community, your child can benefit from a wider support network to turn to when in need of help. This is a large pool of talent, advisers, and most importantly friends that can guide them as they grow and develop.


A Sense of Identity

As children get older, they try to find where it is that they belong in the world which can often be quite confusing and scary. Having a community of people that your child can identify with, can make this an easier experience for them. Whether through family ties, friendship or culture, your child will know that there is somewhere that they belong in the world.


Build Relationships

Being a member of a community can introduce your child to their first-ever friends and allow for them to create meaningful relationships. This can instill the feeling of love and encourage your child to a better citizen as they have a desire to take care of their community. Another way in which this may manifest is through education and a strong work ethic to make the community proud.


A community can be found anywhere. This can be a school student body, your local neighbourhood or the friends your child plays within your back garden. To help your child in their development, try finding local clubs or activities for both you and your child to join. This will give your child the opportunity to meet new friends and the chance to be a part of several communities.


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