Gifts That Your Son Will Love


As a mom, you want your son to have all the wonderful things that life has to offer, including the best toys and other gifts on special occasions. This may not always be possible, for example when their desired item is sold out or far too expensive, and can also become a little bit more difficult as they grow up and their taste becomes more unique.

Buying age appropriate toys for your son, as well as ones that promote life skills, compassion, and socializing with others, can be a good way to help him grow up to be a well-rounded adult. For now, you want to be able to both keep him happy and teach him how to succeed in life. Play is one of the ways in which children learn, so it is vital that he has suitable toys to engage with.

Young Boys

When your son is still a child, you get to have more of a say in what he plays with. Once he goes to school and starts comparing his items with his peers (see this toy range suitable for 10 year old boys), you may find it more difficult to say no to items that are popular. Just make sure that they appreciate what they get and know the value of being able to accept gifts from others, as some children in the world are not as fortunate. It is important that they are not constantly wanting more and that they enjoy what they are gifted. You could highlight this by giving them a maximum amount of toys - for example, have their limit at seven toys, this way, if they want another toy then they can sell one of their seven in exchange and keep the cash value in a trust fund for when they are older, or it can go to their new toy. This teaches them the value of money and also makes them appreciate what they have. It’s a life lesson that keeps your house from getting cluttered and means that your young boys don’t become greedy or spoilt.


As your son grows up into a teenager, he may want more independence, and no longer ask for the toys and games that were acceptable when he was younger. At this age, he might be more interested in other things, such as games consoles, computers, or even being able to drive when he becomes old enough. You could potentially opt for buying him a car when he passes his driver’s ed, or even put money towards the test itself.

For a less pricey gift, he may also appreciate technology, gadgets, or even clothing. If you are unsure of what styles and brands he likes, it can be better to get him a gift card rather than risk disappointment.

Your Adult Son

When your son reaches adulthood, things may change again, especially if he chooses to go to college. At this point, it might be beneficial to get him a gift card for his local grocery or pharmacy store, to ensure that he is able to get necessities such as food and toiletries. By putting the money on a designated gift card, you can also make sure that the money is spent as intended, rather than on copious nights out.

Looking after your son and buying him gifts he will appreciate may mean changing with age. You do not have to spend a large amount of money to make him happy, especially if you teach him gratitude from a young age.

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