Improve Your Home's Kerb Appeal In Just One Day


Making your humble abode look delicious from the outside can have a truly amazing effect no matter what your reasons. If your home is your castle, then seeing it gleam from the driveway every time you get back from work can really cement that feeling of happiness. If you are looking to sell it, then creating a first impression that makes a potential buyer’s heart skip a beat will have them on your side from the first instant. It could even be the very thing that lets you raise the rates on Airbnb.

The benefits, the reasons, the pride; they are all side-effects of why you should keep reading because we have come up with a list of simple ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home. Beauty may start on the inside, but it works its way out too.


Front Door That Pops
This is the focal point of every home’s facade, which is why you should make a huge statement with yours. It could just be a lick of paint, something big and bold, that really makes your home pop, or it could be a new wooden door that gives it that bit of sophistication it was missing. The other thing you can do, of course, is simply upgrading the fixtures -  the knocker, handle and letterbox - which can simply be done with a bit of polish and elbow grease.


Symmetry Makes Perfection
Another super simple way to improve a person’s first glance is to arrange your entrance so that it is symmetrical. It could be matching lantern-style sconces that frame your entrance or a pair of grandiose urns that have an array of gorgeous plants saluting the world. Whatever route you prefer to go down, simply flanking your door can add a tremendous amount of appeal.


Make It Sparkle
Chances are, you wash your car on a regular basis because it makes it shine and because it protects it too. Yet, when was the last time you home cleaned. Oh, yeah, house washing is a thing. Not only that but it is one of the most efficient ways to make it sing loud and proud. No more dirty windows, no more moss-covered walls, no more problem areas whatsoever. Simple as that.


One With Nature
Nothing makes a home’s exterior stand out quite as much as a dynamic garden filled with vibrant colors and an array of different plants. What’s more, you can get this look almost immediately by going down the container route. You can pop to your local gardening shop and buy your favorite flowers there and then, take them home and arrange them in any way you like. The best bit is, you can rearrange whenever you like, meaning you can keep changing up your home.


Spruce Up Your Windows
Yes, having sparkling clean windows that glisten in the light is one way to make your home stand proudly on your street, but there are other things you can do too. Going the full hog and getting new frames could get expensive, but adding window boxes made of steel or copper is a simple and effective upgrade you can make today. Another quick splash of beauty you can add is having shutters, giving your home a lovely French feeling that will surely stir a little bit of jealousy within all those that pass.  


  1. The using of such methods will help us to improve the appearance of our house. We can significantly change the design with the help of uncomplicated parts.

  2. Great tips! I am going to keep this in mind when I am going to decorate my house

  3. These are such great recommendations. I especially like the window box idea since I think that's something that could improve the home we're in now.

  4. wonderful tips! To have a nice and neat kerb appeal makes a huge difference. It doesn't need to be something glamourous and expensive. Maintanence is also pretty vital.

  5. These are some great tips for the house, thanks for sharing these! I'm definitely looking forward to add nature to my house. :)

  6. what about a - you are not welcome junk mail!! as a lovely doormat :) the windows are definitely a much - got to be clean and fresh

  7. These are great tips. There is nothing nicer than coming home to a nice, pretty looking house. A new door is on my list of things I need to do to spruce up my house.

  8. Wonderful tips! I love the ones about making the door pop and having plants outside to make it more inviting!

  9. You can never underestimate the power of a good door. In my last house the door was blue and as soon as you turned onto our street the blue just popped out at you and gave it a wow factor.