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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

I am a stay-at-home mom and decided to make my own blog and try affiliate program that was referred to me by a trusted blogger friend of mine and now I'm starting to monetize from my own blog. 

Are you also looking for legit blog affiliate program aside from Adsense? Well, look no more because I will introduced you to shareasale.com affiliate program. The site was founded was back year 2000 and they have been in business for 15 years with good reputation in paying their affiliates. They have more thank 4,000 merchant programs that allow you to gives commission from pay-per-sale, per-lead and per-click on the links or banners placed in your website or blog page. Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.

Getting started:

First go to shareasale.com and click on the AFFILIATE SIGN UP at the upper right part of the site. After completing the sign up process, confirmation email will be sent to you. They will review your application as affiliate. It usually takes 24-48 hrs for your blog to be approve.

Once you got approve, you can now search for merchants whose products will be promoted by you in your own blog. 

(you can get sale commission from paid posts and paid banner ads). *Some merchants instantly approve request and some sends confirmation before you could promote their product. Once you got approval from merchants you can get your text links and banner from the "GET A LINK/BANNER" section 

Click on each shareasale.com Merchants on the list below and apply. The more merchants (approved) the bigger your earnings will be:  

  1. Lingerie Mart
  2. Shutterfly
  3. MagneticOne
  4. U Star Novels Limited
  5. Young Lovers
  6. Hartford York
  7. Linen Company
  8. Dealflicks
  9. Karina Dresses
  10. Tess Handbags
  11. Men's Accessories Shop 
  12. Viennois Online Limited 
  13. Company 
  14.  Fevrie 
  15. AN & Associates
  16. LookBetterOnline.com
  17. Trampoline Parts and Supply 
  18. Smokeless Delite 
  19.  FunSlurp 
  20. Miracle Noodle 
  22. Myeyewear2go.com 
  23. Accelerated Intelligence Inc.
  24. Pictorem Canvas Print 
  25. Difgar Enterprises
  26. Shark Kage 
  27. My App Builder 
  28. Tikimaster.com 
  29. Price Angels CO., Ltd 
  30. GlobalEyeglasses.com 
  31. FunSlurp 
  32. Playability Toys
  33. Linen Company 
  34. Miracle Noodle 
  35. LovelyWholesale 
  36. Difgar Enterprises 
  37. Viennois Online Limited 
  38. viventura 
  39. DMCA.com
  40. StuffedAnimals.com 
  41. HomeWetBar.com 
  42. MagnetStreet.com 
  43. Phillips Safety Products 
  44. Score Promotions
  45. Ez Instant Makeover 
  46. In The Mood Intimates
  47. diecastmodelswholesale
  48. Hostt 
  49. Street Moda 
  50. Wallao International,
  51. Cooper & Kid 
  52. Amish Furniture 
  53. Grammarly, Inc. 
  54. HipsAndCurves.com 
  55. IdealShape, LLC - 51109

My current earnings

Don't forget to promote your merchants! Creating blog posts and putting banners of merchants on your blog can lets you earn commissions. You can find all the merchant banners and links with your unique referral code in shareasale.com. Just click LINKS- GET A LINK BANNER- GET LINKS.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. 

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