Android Apps for Children – Kid’s Piano App

The app below can be downloaded in your Google Playstore for FREE

* Kids Animal Piano Free- When I first downloaded the apps all the songs and instruments are free but now they made changes that you will need to unlock for the full version by completing an offer from one of our sponsors. The good thing is its protected by a kid’s lock to make sure our kids won’t be able to click any offer that may possibly harm the phone or tab. The free version

Contains the following songs:

• BINGO • Black Sheep • Brother John • Happy Birthday • This Old Man

Also contains the following “instruments”:

• Dog • Cat • Rubber Duck • Frog • Chick • Pig

* Kids Magic Piano- it’s almost same as the Kids Animal Piano. It has English songs and Indonesian songs too. You can auto play the song that comes along with lyrics. It contains cat, dog, chicken, duck, cow, horse and sheep sounds.

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