Android Apps for Children -Flashcards and Phonics

The app below can be downloaded in your Google Playstore for FREE

* Kids Flashcards by SimSam- the app is completely free that shows beautiful image, colors and good sound quality.

* English for kids with Benny- it’s an apps for kid’s basic grammar (though the accent is not American English). It’s suitable for pre-school children. It’s also a free apps that has spelling and speaking games.

*Pororo’s Flashcard- it has English and Korean version. Great quality of sounds and images are clear. Kids could learn words from the category home, food, numbers, tools and machines, animals and pororo characters. Unfortunately it only fits on my Sony Xperia C but its small when I downloaded on my daughter’s tab. I think it will best fit in small screen of android devices

* Kids ABC by Mobiloids – a simple A-Z learning alphabet but the good thing are the kids will get attracted to colorful image of animals that corresponds to every letter. It has a test mode in which your kid’s knowledge about the A-Z letters will be tested. Included in the app is the complete ABC song. It’s an app for 2-6 years old kids to learn the English alphabets.

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