Louis Vuitton And The RealReal Offer Great Styles For The Fall

When you are shopping for your fall fashions, you can trust Louis Vuitton and The RealReal to give you the best possible styles. Plus, you can use these styles to ensure that you look fashion-forward when you get ready for work or a night out on the town. There are many fun things trending for the fall season, and you can combine all the items you see below to make a fashion statement that is daring and beautiful.

Combat Boots

Combat boots that are made in the Louis Vuitton style will not look like the combat boots that you get in a surplus store. These boots come up over the ankle, they are made from a very smooth split calf that has been polished to perfection, and the boots have a metal LV logo on them. You are showing off your style knowledge just by wearing the boots, and the gold logo stands out from the coloring of the boots.

These boots are perfect o wear with jeans and casual outfits. Plus, you could pair these boots with a dress as described below. You will have something heavy to wear when it gets cold outside, and you can use these boots one long winter trips where you know the weather could get snowy and icy.

A Fuller Bolero

The bolero jacket is a timeless classic, but the jacket has been updated and changed many times over the past century. The current version of the bolero jacket offers a much fuller bodice that allows for a bit more padding and warmth. Plus, the jacket almost looks like a poncho as it comes up off the shoulders to provide you with a fuller look. It is almost as if you are wearing a something that would go down the runway. These jackets are made from a striking fabric that will mimic denim, and the jacket itself works well as an office coat, a jacket you wear when it is cold, and a jacket that you wear for a night out to the opera.

The Fluffy Infinity Scarf

When you come to The RealReal looking for a good scarf, you have several options at your disposal. There are amazing traditional scarves that have a bit of fringe, but there are also infinity scarves that are much chunkier and heavier than normal. When you would like to a much heavier infinity scarf, you should try a Louis Vuitton scarf because it has an artistic design and will fill up the collar of your jacket or sweater. These scarves are very warm, and they will give you the volume that you are looking for in a fashionable scarf.

The Mini Dress And Boots

When you have bought the combat boots above, you might want to match them with a mini dress and tights. The mini dress that you get from LV is fitted just right, will fall halfway down your thigh, and will give you a chance to show off your tights. These dresses are a bit warmer because they are made from a soft cotton or wool that will keep you comfortable.


Buying from The RealReal gives you a chance to look stylish for a good price. You can try out all the items listed above as you try to fill up your wardrobe, and you may find everything rom shoes to dresses and scarves. Plus, you can use these items to look your best every day when you are trying to learn how to dress for the fall. You will find all the colors and warmth you need to make a fashion statement this season.


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