Planning a Winter Wedding? Here are Some Helpful Tips

If you are planning a winter wedding, there are a few things to consider, the weather being a major concern, of course. An outdoor venue might not be the best of ideas, as the temperature, can drop to an uncomfortable level, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on arranging a winter wedding in Australia.

  • Look for a Single Venue – If possible, find a venue where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception, as this cuts down on travelling. The ideal venue would be able to cater for both inside and outdoor activities, and that way, you can switch to a covered area in the event of rain. If you are on the hunt for a truly unique wedding ring, check out https://www.aedesignjewellery.com.au/, who happen to be one of Australia’s leading custom jeweller, and there isn’t anything they can’t do regarding ring design.

  • Warm Clothing – Everyone should dress in such a way that they will be warm and comfortable. The men can wear velvet suits, which look great and insulate well, and the girls can always wear tights under their gowns. It might be an idea to mention warm clothing in the invitation, as a reminder to the guests. For any person who is unsure about how to dress for a winter wedding, there is an informative blog that will ensure you stay warm, while looking good at the same time.
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  • Prepare for Coats – Every guest is likely to wear a coat, so you will need a special room with adequate hanging space for the coats, and they need to be watched, for security reasons. Nominating one person at the coat reception station will ensure that all coats are looked after during the event, and should a guest wish to retrieve their jacket ahead of time, you do need to have a system whereby any garment can quickly be located. The more guests you have, the more coats you will have in your temporary possession, so plan accordingly. You could mention not leaving valuables in coat pockets, which covers you in the event of a loss.

  • Boost the Romantic Ambience with Candles – It will get dark quite early in the winter, which is the perfect time to make the best use of candles, and with a couple on every table, the evening will take on a warm and magical ambience. If you have yet to source your wedding ring, there are online jewellers who can handcraft the highest quality bespoke pieces, making sure that your ring is truly a one-off.

  • Think About Photography – Winter means the light will face much earlier, so talk to your wedding videographer about this. It might be an idea to get all the standard shots out of the way in the early afternoon, and, of course, you can plan for some twilight shots, which is very romantic, especially with filters.
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Winter weddings offer the potential for a very romantic experience, and providing you and your guests are warm, the early sunset will be a major feature of the reception, and everyone will remember your wedding, for all the right reasons.

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