How to get into University

From attending university open days and receiving conditional or unconditional offers to opening the envelope on A-level results day, a lot goes into getting into university. It can be a very daunting process.  An established independent Sixth Form College in Hendon carefully and skilfully advises pupils and parents on appropriate courses and universities and has prepared some guidance below.  

Once you and your child have attended university open days and discussed degree options with friends, family and those in the know - including school teachers, course tutors and college careers advisers - you're child is ready to begin the university application process which is called UCAS.

UCAS which stands for the Universities College Admissions Service is the central organisation responsible for processing applications for full-time undergraduate study at UK universities.
Your child can either register and complete their application using the UCAS online system, or do it through their school or college and they'll send it to UCAS on your child’s behalf.

When applying to universities, your child can select up to five courses at different universities.  Do take care to note the deadline for applications to be received and do make note that there is small application fee which needs to be paid when submitting your application. Your child is able to follow the progress of the application online, to see if they have received any offers for a place on a course or even if they have been invited for interview.  A word of warning! It can take months before your child may start receiving offers. Once all your child’s UCAS offers are in, your child will need to make a decision and respond by the deadline.

This is just a short overview of the process of getting into University of course the hard work, determination and commitment your child gives to their studies in order to gain the grades needed for their course is something that they will need to be giving to their studies from the outset.  The whole process can seem very overwhelming but it is a truly exciting time as it is the beginning of your child’s future.  

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