What We Learned From Doe Deere's Success As An Entrepreneur

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Women worldwide have found a place at the heart of entrepreneurship. There are countless success stories featuring women going up against all odds to propel their companies from the ground up. There are a few challenges that women entrepreneurs will have to face but if they follow in the steps of those who have already been proven and tested, the path will be easier to trek.

One entrepreneur they can look up to is Doe Deere, the mind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics and Poppy Angeloff. Both of her brands are meeting continuous success. It is not just because the products are great, it is also because of the efforts of Doe Deere as an entrepreneur. Looking at her journey to success, we have learned these important lessons.

Inspiration Could Come From Anywhere
She recently launched Poppy Angeloff a jewelry brand that offers accessories inspired by trends styles commonly seen during the Victorian era. The fashion line is both unique and effective in catching the attention of the target audience. What urged Deere to pursue such a unique take on modern fashion?

According to the artist/entrepreneur, the idea for Poppy Angeloff started when she saw a family heirloom. From there, she had the idea of creating a new line of accessories that could he passed down from one generation to the next. She had her doubts about it at first but luckily, her sister let her see its true worth, thus the brand was born.

There Are Solutions To Every Problem
Deere didn't have a huge capital when she started running Lime Crime Cosmetics with her husband. Admittedly, she did pass through a few financial bumps in the beginning. As with any up and coming entrepreneur, Deere had to get creative if she wanted to move forward with her venture.

One of the problems Deere had with Lime Crime was that she didn't have a model to showcase her makeup line. The reason being that she didn't have the money to hire anyone. It was then that she decided to user herself as the face of Lime Crime. She was able to showcase the quality of her products for free! It also helped that the colors complemented her skin well.

Don't Be Afraid To Break Boundaries
If there is one common factor between Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime Cosmetics, it is that both brands went above and beyond to offer something new in their respective industries. For instance, Lime Crime's vibrant colored products are a huge step away from minimalist cosmetics we see today.

Because Deere created brands that offered something new, she was able to reach out to an audience that was looking for something out of the ordinary. Entrepreneurs should not limit themselves to a confined space as they could end up creating something that has been done again and again.

Follow Your Passion
This is by far the most basic tip and entrepreneur should learn before launching a business. It has been said before but following one's passion is the key to success. This way, entrepreneurs are going to have a stronger drive in reaching market success.

Deere loves vibrant colors. She used this passion as a launching pad for the colors that make up Lime Crime. Since she was able to work with colors that make her happy, work felt a lot easier. It also gave her the drive to move forward despite her early struggle when creating her first line of products.

Women entrepreneurs like Deere continue to inspire countless others worldwide. It is not easy for women to succeed in such a male-dominated industry. By learning a few lessons from those that have already met success, nearly anyone can do the unthinkable.

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