How to Fill your Home with Antiques

Antique furniture brightens up any environment and if you have a keen eye and a little free time, there are many ways that you can amass a collection of fine antique furniture. You don’t have to be an antiques expert to appreciate fine things, and with that in mind, here are some great tips on sourcing antique and vintage furniture.

Visit Local Markets
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This is how many antique dealers source their items, and it can be a lot of fun too. It doesn’t matter where in the UK you live, there are always local markets, and once you get to know the vendors, you can ask for specific items, and with their network of likeminded people, they can usually find what you are looking for.

Forge an Alliance with a Local Antique Dealer
If you want to see the catalogue of antique furniture, the dealer is always happy to email you their current lists, and by forging an alliance with a local dealer, you will have an experienced pair of eyes and ears that will help you to source the items you are looking for. The online antique dealer has an extensive network of colleagues, and whenever you are on the hunt for an Elizabethan dresser or a Louis XIV cabinet, the chances are your local antique specialist will be able to help.

Don’t Forget Car Boot Sales
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The perfect venue to discover great antique and vintage furniture, car boot sales are everywhere, and there are some real bargains to be had. People discard old items of furniture and in most cases, have no idea of their value. It can be a long drawn out process, but if you keep going, sooner or later you will come across something that is greatly undervalued. You will likely meet a few antique dealers who are looking for the same bargains, and by making friends with them, you are broadening your horizons.

Exchanging Old Furniture Items
If you have a few friends who like to collect old furniture, you can swap items, which is a great way to acquire the pieces you are looking for. The more likeminded people you know, the more you have to choose from, and by using Internet forums, you can quickly build up a long list of acquaintances who are interested in antiques.

Clear Out the Attic
You might already be sitting on some great items, as most of us have little idea what we have in our attics and storerooms. Pick a weekend and remove everything from the attic and the garage and you might be surprised at how much old furniture you find. Of course, tell all your friends and work colleagues that you are on the lookout for old furniture items and they will likely call you before they take their old things to the local tip.

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There are many ways to increase the number of antique and vintage furniture items that pass through your hands, and with an alliance with your local antique dealer, you will soon make some connections that might prove to be invaluable.

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