Fast Food on a Keto Diet: 3 Tips to Make It Happen

A keto diet is most commonly defined as a form of weight loss program that is rich in healthy fats and low in carbs, with a dash of protein to sustain the nutritional requirements of the body. While it isn’t the only diet that promises weight loss, the ketogenic diet is most definitely one of the most successful. Aside from the weight loss, a fun part about it is that it allows fast food, which is a big no-no in almost every other weight loss program out there. This doesn’t, of course, mean you can go to the nearest McDonalds for all your meals and expect to make any progress though! There is a method to eating keto friendly fast food and today, we are going to reveal three tips that will let you eat fast food on a keto diet, without breaking any of the program’s rules.

Take Your Burger Without the Bun

The buns might be part of what you love about the burger, but they are also a heavy source of unhealthy carbs which won’t let your body reach or remain in ketosis. You can still have the meat, cheese, eggs, avocados, lettuce and other leafy greens, but be sure to skip or use a minimum amount of ketchup, teriyaki sauce, honey mustard sauce and other high-carb toppings. Ketologic further explains and guides us towards how to order fast food in their handy article titled Keto in the Crunch: Your One-Stop Guide to Keto-Friendly Fast Food’.  Once you go through the page, you will not only have a general idea about eating healthy fast food, but it will also provide very specific instructions regarding which items to order and what those items should contain.

Burrito Bowl Without Carbs

All you need to do is replace the beans, sweetened dressings, tortilla chips and corn with avocado, leafy greens, cream, cheese, guacamole, onions and other keto friendly options and you will have a low-carb burrito bowl that doesn’t hurt the keto diet.

The Soft Drinks

Sodas and milkshakes are so high in carbs that it would be ridiculous to even consider having them on a keto diet, however, that doesn’t automatically shut out all beverages. There is still iced tea, iced coffee, coffee with cream, lemon tea and hot tea there to consider, and they can actually be helpful in bringing about weight loss. Do avoid both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners though, because that just won’t work! Even honey isn’t ideal, so you should stick to stevia or monk fruit powder.

Instead of starving the human body, like a lot of weight loss programs do, a well-planned keto program simply aims to change the body’s perception of what it considers to be the primary source of energy. This means that once you reach ketosis, the body starts to break down fat and use the ketones from it to fuel its daily needs, instead of using glucose from carbohydrates. As long as your meals serve to foster that goal, fast food is not off the menu at all, especially given how easy it is to accommodate healthy fats in fast food. 

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