5 Startup Ideas for Millennials

If you’re looking to start a business, but think that all good ideas are already taken, think again. There are so many amazing small business ideas you can start with very little investment! You don’t have to invent something new, just tackle a problem people face every day and offer a way to solve it. So, here are a few startup ideas that will definitely bring you plenty of profit and space to grow.

Social media coaching

If you know your social media as many millennials do, this is a great market for your startup. Social-media-savvy millennials can use their skills and turn them into a valuable business that teaches businesses how to improve their social media presence and use digital tools. Social media coaching is a very low-cost startup idea that can also lead to other digital marketing opportunities. Your clients might realize that they need a professional to handle their web page, blog and social media accounts which opens up a world of business opportunities. As long as you have a wide knowledge of social media and some experience leading successful accounts, you can get up to $200 an hour from the right client.

Subscription services

Around 70% of millennials own a product subscription (Loot Crate, Dollar Shave Club) while almost 90% of them use a service subscription (Netflix, Spotify). That’s more than any other generation before, which means you have a very popular industry ready for the taking. Find a problem that needs solving and do your best to provide people with practical solutions. Offer free trials so the customers can try out your product and make sure to listen to the valuable feedback from your users. Start with a basic version of a subscription service to get your startup going without spending too much money and see how people take to it. Later, you can make all sorts of specialized boxes and lux editions. Check out these successful subscription boxes to find your inspiration.

Cleaning business

There are always homes and offices that need cleaning and people who hate do that chore. While residential cleaning is a bit easier to get into, commercial cleaning is also a great idea if you can find your customers with all the large janitorial companies that rule the market. However, you can always find handy guides on how to start a cleaning service that will help you with practical advice and tips from step one—contacts, to step seven—starting your servicing account. With good training and dedicated work, you’ll get to experience the large potential of the growing cleaning industry. You can also start collaborating with other startups that handle vacation rental properties or Airbnb accommodation and share the profit.

Drone rental

One of the fastest growing trends is the drone niche. From property and farm surveillance to videography, drones are in growing demand. By certain calculations, the industry is expected to reach a $127 billion mark! One of the easiest ways to find your place in this trendy industry is to start with selfie and toy drones. They are gaining in popularity, especially with social media stars and aspiring photographers. These little flying selfie sticks allow people to take amazing photos of themselves without awkward sticks. When marketing your product, make sure to include amazing photos snapped with selfie drones and highlight the pure fun of handling these small gadgets. Tech-savvy people will love what you’re selling.

Tourist guidance

If you live in a tourist area, starting a tourist guidance business is a great idea. As a local, you probably know some hidden gems of your city that tourists never get to see without professional guidance. There are many websites where you can advertise your services (TripAdvisor or Viator) and reach a wide audience. Make a fun promo video of your tours and use correct hashtags that will make your presence stronger. If you come up with a fun and versatile tour full of interesting information and places to see, all tourists will want to become a part of your city exploration tour!

No matter how much money you’re ready to invest, these millennial startup ideas will provide you with a good way to start earning money and gain valuable knowledge. Thanks to the Internet and your knowledge of it, your business will grow quickly and provide you with plenty of freedom to grow and develop.

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