Five Places To Hike This Summer

Hiking is still one of the world’s most popular sports, and it isn’t hard to see why. What better way to get out into the fresh air and explore the great outdoors? It costs nothing and there are so many wonderful places to explore that you’ll never regret stepping outside your own front door. From waterfalls and forests to mountains and coastlines, the world is full of natural splendor and here are just five of the very best places to explore.

1.The Pacific Crest Trail
The Pacific Crest Trail offers thousands of miles of trails for your to explore through no less than 3 states, 7 national parks, and 24 national forests. Of course, you probably won’t want to explore all of it at once! However, there are such diverse landscapes along its length to explore that there’s sure to be part of it that you can’t wait to discover. From mountain passes to canyons and from stunning lakes to deserts, there’s no better adventure for the spirited hiker.

2.The Appalachian Trail
Stretching from Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian Trail extends through twelve more states as it travels through over 2000 miles in the East. As the USA’s longest marked trail, this famous route was finally completed in the 1930s, passing through 8 national forests and 6 national parks. Simply follow the painted markers which lead the way.

3.Grand Canyon National Park
No keen hiker should miss the opportunity to explore the stunning Grand Canyon, National Park. This jewel of the USA’s national park program sees over 5 million visitors come through its gates every year to admire the amazing views. Hiking the Grand Canyon isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially if you’re planning to get down into the canyon and back up again. The descent can be brutal, so it’s best for only experienced hikers who are well prepared. Fifteen official trails lead down to the canyon and you’ll need a permit to spend the night. Since there are only 13,000 issued each year, don’t forget to arrange this well in advance.

4.Yosemite National Park
All of the USA’s national parks have something special about them, but Yosemite in beautiful California is particularly spectacular. Covering over 740,000 acres, this park is around the size of Rhode Island, with 800 miles of hiking trails crossing its surface. With over 3 million visitors coming to the park annually, you’ll need to plan ahead to get hold of one of the backcountry permits you’ll need to stay the night. There are dozens of different trails to explore, so whether you want to experience rivers, lakes, mountains or forests, you’re sure to be satisfied. There is also plenty of wildlife and the giant sequoia trees are an absolute must-see.

5.Glacier National Park
If you’re looking for an iconic spot for hikers, the Glacier National Park in Montana has to take the top spot. With over 700 miles of well-marked trails inside the park’s boundaries, it’s no wonder that this is such a popular destination for keen hikers. Over 50% of people coming into this national park are here to explore on foot and the impressive mountains, alpine lake, and wonderful wildlife and major draws. As you might imagine, the park gained its name from glaciers which shaped the rock formations of the park ten thousand years ago. 170 years ago, there were 150 glaciers in the park but today only 26 remain. They could be gone completely within just a couple of years, so visit and see them now while you can. If you’re wanting to hike here, pay attention to the snow line – exploring the higher elevations will need to wait until the end of July since the snow won’t melt until mid-summer.

Wherever you’re planning on hiking this year, it’s important to make sure that you’re well equipped and have everything you need to get the most out of your experience. Choose comfortable and sturdy footwear that is designed for use for outdoor activities and remember to take plenty of water – you don’t want to be dehydrated on the trail. Stay safe and enjoy the very best natural environments that this beautiful country has to offer.

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