Decorating For The Festive Period When Your Little Ones Are Small

The holidays will be here soon, and families everywhere will be getting together to enjoy some festive cheer. Everyone hopes to be jolly and enjoy these few days off work together. But sadly, at this time of year, there is a rise in accidents involving children. It can happen so easily and so quickly. The last thing you want is to spend your Christmas in the hospital. So here are a few tips to help you avoid accidents in the home this festive period:

The Tree
Lots of homes have a tree up. Many of us enjoy the scent of a real Christmas tree in the living room. However, most real trees do shed, and those needles are sharp! If you’ve got a little one crawling about, consider how you’re going to keep her from picking them up or chewing on them. Raising it up and sitting it in a tray is one solution, but if your little one can stand, chances are they may be able to knock it over. You might prefer an artificial one, or using a fireguard around it while the baby is playing in the room.

The Lights
Twinkly fairy lights delight children of all ages. They can sit and stare, mesmerized by the colors and flickering patterns. Of course, they are all plugged into the mains. And a long string of lights can lead to a child getting their limbs or neck tangled up. Keep your tree close to the power socket to reduce the amount of cable. And try to keep lights up around the ceiling so little ones can’t reach them. Babies will naturally want to reach out and touch with fingers or even their tongue.

The Decorations
Most of us enjoy getting our Christmas wreaths up a few days early. You may also have one or two on the table. These are generally out of reach. They might be hung on the door or as part of a centerpiece your child can’t reach. However, hanging baubles, tinsel, and other decorations may be placed around the room or on the tree at a low height. If you’re worried about broken glass baubles, opt for wooden or plastic ones this year. Keep tinsel away from kids because the little shreds come away easily and can choke a child. It’s impossible to have an eye on your child at all times, so if you’re popping to the bathroom, use the playpen to stop them getting hold of things.

Painted Snow
There are many different manufacturers of the spray-on snow you can buy for your window decorations. Be wary of these as some can contain very harmful ingredients for children. If your little ones like to touch things, be sure to wipe their fingers before they end up in their mouth! The can may be dangerous as well.

We all love to get the house ready for the festive period, but many of the traditional decorations can become hazardous for tiny children. Nobody expects you to have eyes in the back of your head. Children can, and do, get into all kinds of trouble in the blink of an eye. Take care this Christmas.

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