5 Small Household Projects To Do Before Summer

Summer is for relaxing in the sun and spending days out with the family! You won’t want to be cooped up in the house spending your days doing lots of household maintenance and DIY. Which is why you need to get all those little niggling jobs done now. The end of spring is perfect for this as the weather is already pretty good, so you’ll be able to do various outdoor jobs. Not sure what needs doing? Read on to find out!

Check Your Roof
You will have to inspect your roof to make sure no tiles have slipped off during the winter. The best way to do this is to get your ladder out and go up there for a closer look. If you see a single loose tile, then you may just have to tighten its fittings. But if you have recently had storms, you should make sure you haven’t completely lost whole sections of tiles. If you have, these will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If it looks like a big job, it could be best calling in some professional help.

Test The AC
If your AC isn’t working, you could be in for a very hot summer! Waking up on the first hot day to a broken system isn’t going to put you in a good mood, so check it out now before the hot temperatures hit. Turn it on for a couple of hours to make sure it still works. If something seems wrong, call out some handymen who specialize in One Hour AC Repair. This will be the quickest way to get it back to working order. Don’t forget that it will need to be serviced every couple of years as well.

Exterior Drainage
The bad weather through winter can play havoc with your outdoor drainage. Get up your ladder again and check to see your gutters aren’t blocked. You should also make sure that rainwater can easily run away from your home into nearby drains. If there are any puddles around your home, make a mental note of them. Check them again 24 hours later. Still there? Then you should call out a handyman who can help you improve your drainage.

Spring Clean
The clue is all in the name! Now is the time to give your home a good old spring clean. Take down all your drapes and wash them as they can collect dust all the time. Deep clean your carpets and rugs. Get right to the back of all your kitchen cabinets and scrub them out. It is also a good idea to go through all your tinned and packaged ingredients in your kitchen. We often forget about this type of food. Check use-by dates. If something is out of date, chuck it out.

Sow Seeds
Plant all your seeds and bulbs now before it gets too hot. This will give them time to gestate ready for popping out of the soil in summer.

Once you’re all done, sit back and enjoy the sun!

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